A Beginner’s Guide for Flower Refrigeration: Keys On Keeping Cut Flowers Fresh.

Thinking about becoming a florist? Want to start your own flower business? The most important thing to consider is how will you keep your flowers fresh for long periods. Read and let me give you ideas on how to keep your flowers fresh, the advantages of using a floral cooler, and how it operates.


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What is the Importance of Keeping Cut Flowers in a Low-Temperature Environment?

The flower’s appearance is one of its best qualities. Storing them in low temperatures enables them to last longer. Low temperatures also prevent the stems from rotting while at the same time reducing ethylene build-up which causes petal and leaf loss.

flower's appearance


What are the Advantages of Using a Floral Cooler?

A floral cooler in a flower business brings more benefits. You can keep your products fresh while also reducing or preventing loss of money.


The Following are the Reasons Why a Floral Cooler is Worth Buying:


It Keeps your Flowers Fresh

Like I said earlier, a floral cooler will keep your flowers fresh by reducing respiration rates and water loss, you can make it happen by setting the temperature right.


Eye-Catching Display

The floral cooler allows you to display your products while keeping them fresh. This is also a great marketing tactic to showcase the beauty of your flowers to customers and passers-by.

floral cooler display


Neat and Tidy Storage

The floral cooler comes in various sizes, allowing florists to keep their flowers fresh and organized. Due to its ample storage capacity, this product is ideal for flower shop owners to accommodate specific customer needs and handle large orders during peak periods.


Prevent Microbial Development

Microbial growth is the main cause of why the cut flowers rot and lose their natural appearance. This will cause the stem to clog, leading to dehydration and wilting of the flowers.


Peace of Mind

I think this one is the most important of the bunch. With this equipment, you can relax knowing your products are safe from harm. Plus, it frees you up to focus on arranging flowers or other stuff your business needs. And best of all, you won’t have to worry about your flowers rotting or going unsold and losing money.



How does this Work?

A floral cooler is a cooler that is customized or specially designed for flower storage. The components and functions are designed to meet the standards needed by florists or flower shops. It is specially designed to increase the lifespan of the flowers while preserving their natural appearance.


In detail, the floral cooler will maintain a temperature in the range of 340 – 360 F which is the ideal temperature for storage. The cooler also ensures that the humidity level remains between 80%-95% which is also the ideal level for the flowers to stay in its best condition. The circulating air inside is also gentle which helps in preventing damage to the flowers.



Types of Flower Coolers.

There are different types of flower coolers available in the market nowadays. It is always recommended to determine your requirements, measure the space, and set a budget before purchasing one. The time and effort you invest in your business is just as important as the money you spend. 


The Following are the Most Common Types of Floral Coolers for Consideration:


Floral Storage Display Cooler

This is the cooler to pick if you want to get the customers’ attention. While it keeps the flowers fresh, it also showcases the beauty of your products. Since the flowers are displayed, the customers can easily choose the type of flowers they would like to buy.


Walk-in Flower Coolers

This type of floral cooler is suitable for flower businesses that deal with high customer volume or cater to large-crowd events. This cooler has a large capacity which can accommodate bulk orders.

walk-in floral cooler


Reach-in Floral Cooler

This floral cooler is perfect for businesses that have limited or small spaces available. Also, if you’re a newbie, it is better to start with something small and easy to handle before diving into the big one.


Customized Flower Cooler

If you want to add a personal touch to your refrigeration unit, customized flower coolers are a great option. You can choose between sliding, swing, or traditional doors. You can also customize the color or make the shelves adjustable. 



Where is the Correct Location to Place It?

Before purchasing a floral cooler, you need to consider a lot of things and one of those things is space. You need to determine the amount of available space because proper ventilation is important. You will also need to check if you have a sufficient power supply to support the cooler. Choose a space where people can get easy access and a space that is away from direct sunlight.



Floral Cooler vs. Regular Refrigerator

Each cooler or freezer is specifically designed for different purposes. Ever wondered why businesses do not use regular refrigerators to store flowers? This is because a regular refrigerator is not designed for flower storage. Flowers need high humidity levels and gentle air circulation while food in regular refrigerators needs low humidity and strong air circulation. We cannot treat flowers the same way we treat food. A floral cooler’s humidity level and air circulation prevent the flowers from rotting and damage which is not suitable for food that requires a different humidity level and air circulation.

floral cooler vs. regular refrigerator


Tips on How to Keep Flowers Fresh Inside a Floral Cooler:

Having a floral cooler is only one part of the reason why flowers stay fresh. Proper storage is also key in prolonging the flowers’ appearance and lifespan. It is not as easy as just opening the door and then storing the flowers. Flowers also need to be placed and stored properly like other objects and products.


The Following are Some Tips on How to Keep Flowers Fresh Inside the Cooler:

Use Clean Water and Allow the Flowers to Cool Down.

Rehydrate your flowers by using only clean water. Then give your flowers a few minutes to cool down before storing them in a floral cooler. This is important so that the flowers do not experience temperature shock.


Remove Leaves Along the Surface of the Water Line.

Leaves, when in contact or soaked in water for a long time will rot and decay easily which may result in damage to the flowers due to bacterial build-up.

flowers soaked in water


Handle your Flowers with Care.

It may seem redundant but handle your flowers with care. A small damage to the stem can cause the flower to wilt earlier than expected. Use clean and sanitized tools when dealing with flowers.

handle flowers with care


Proper Spacing is Important!

Do not stack or crowd your flowers. Proper spacing will ensure good air circulation and avoid cross–contamination between the products. It will also lessen the damage caused by flowers bunched together.


Check your Flowers Regularly.

In this way, you can monitor your flowers for signs of wilting and rotting. Regular and periodic monitoring prevents problems from occurring or worsening. Through regular monitoring, you will be able to check for signs of wilting or rotting.


Maintain Proper Temperature and Humidity Levels.

Install thermometers and hygrometers to monitor humidity and temperature levels. 340 – 360 F is the ideal temperature for floral coolers. Avoid keeping the door open for long periods to prevent the rise in temperature and humidity levels which can affect the quality of your flowers.


Avoid Placing Flowers Directly Under Airflow.

Flowers, when put under direct airflow, will wilt earlier. This is because the flowers will lose moisture if constantly placed under direct airflow.


Do not Put Fruits on Floral Coolers.

Release ethylene which is a gas that causes flowers to age faster. Put your fruits in a regular refrigerator instead.


Do Not Mix Flowers of Different Types.

Place flowers according to their types. Flowers differ in their lifespans. Some last longer than others. By placing flowers together based on their types, you can easily monitor their quality and distinguish what needs to be discarded or removed. 



Regularly Keep your Floral Cooler Clean 

Periodic and regular cleaning is important to prevent the growth of bacteria inside the cooler. Use a clean piece of cloth to wipe the cooler. 



Floral Cooler Cleaning and Maintenance:

Keeping your business running by keeping your flowers fresh is the purpose of a floral cooler. Taking care of it is also taking care of business. Keeping it clean and maintained will help your unit work efficiently and last longer.


Here are Some Guidelines to Keep your Floral Coolers Clean and Well-Maintained:


Create a Schedule for Periodic Cleaning.

The recommended schedule is at least once per week. The best time to schedule is before stock delivery so that the cooler is ready for the new batch of flowers.


Refrain from Using Harsh Chemicals.

Harsh chemicals have components that can damage your floral cooler. Use only mild soap and water to clean the cooler to avoid the risk of contamination.

harsh chemicals

Clean the Dirt Buildup.

To remove dirt and dust, use damp cloths for wiping. Wipe all the parts of the floral cooler, from the panels to the wall, doors, and to the shelves.


Always Check the Door Gasket’s Condition

Since there is an ideal temperature that needs to be maintained inside the cooler, include the door gasket on the list of items to monitor. The gasket’s function is to act like a seal that prevents cool air from leaking. It helps in keeping the ideal temperature inside the cooler.


Test the Thermometer and Hygrometer.

Ensure that the thermometer and hygrometers are functioning and calibrated. This is to ensure that the correct temperature and humidity levels are maintained inside the floral cooler.


Schedule Preventive Maintenance

It is recommended that periodic preventive maintenance is done by a licensed technician of professionals to inspect the overall components of the floral cooler. The compressor, condenser, and evaporator are some of the components that make up the cooler and are the ones responsible for providing efficient cooling in the system.




A floral cooler is a good investment for florists and flower businesses. It helps in maintaining the appearance and beauty of the flowers while also lengthening their lifespans. Just remember that maintaining the correct humidity and temperature levels will ensure that the products remain fresh for long periods. Regular cleaning and maintenance are equally important. By taking care of your floral cooler, it will in return take care of your business.

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