Commercial Air Conditioning

Commercial Air Conditioning

Commercial air conditioning is a facility used for commercial refrigeration spaces, applied in cold storage, cold chain workshops, pharmaceutical factories, beverage factories, food factories, etc. It is one of the most important facilities in the current refrigeration industry.

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Blast Freezer: Ultimate Guide

Blast Freezer Ultimate Guide

As the food industry continues to grow, the demand for food storage is increasing. Ensuring the quality of food while storing it has become a key objective for many. To preserve food quality to the greatest extent possible, blast freezers have emerged as a vital solution. This article will introduce you to the world of

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6 Benefits of a Walk-in Freezer

Extending Shelf Life and Maintaining Freshness

Walk-in freezer facilities are highly efficient solutions for refrigeration and freezing, with widespread applications across various industries. They offer a dependable solution for the storage and transportation of perishable products. This article details the six major benefits of utilizing a walk-in cold room, explaining why it is an indispensable part of the product supply chain.

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Restaurant Freezer Temperatures: The Essential Guide

sea foods in restaurant freezer

The food service industry and culinary business rely heavily on restaurant freezers which become essential for a wide range of restaurants like commercial restaurants, fast food restaurants, chain restaurants, casual dining restaurants, standalone restaurants, cafes, bars, buffet restaurants, hospitality sector, businesses providing ‘dine-in’ experiences to customers, and other food-related services.  However, precise temperature control and

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PIR Sandwich Panel: Complete Guide

PIR wall sandwich panel

What Is A PIR Sandwich Panel? PIR Sandwich Panel is a structural insulated panel made of three layers: a low-density core of Polyisocyanurate (PIR, polyiso, or ISO), and a rigid thin skin layer bonded to each side. PIR sandwich panel has an R-value between 7.2-8 per inch, therefore, the highest insulation performance can be achieved with the PIR sandwich

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