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  • Great chiller trailers to use as backup for your main cold rooms
  • Easily mobile and accessible thanks to having the ramps and wheels
  • Highly versatile chiller trailers with impressive overall performance
  • Chiller Cold Room trailer For Vegetable
  • Chiller Mobile Refrigerated Trailer
  • Chiller Room Cold Storage Portable Trailer
  • Chiller-Room-Meat-Storage Freezer Mobile Cold Room Trailer
  • Chiller Cold Room trailer For Vegetable
  • Chiller Mobile Refrigerated Trailer
  • Chiller Room Cold Storage Portable Trailer
  • Chiller-Room-Meat-Storage Freezer Mobile Cold Room Trailer

Chiller Trailer

  • Easy to operate
  • Multipurpose trailer
  • Affordable chiller trailer
  • Best value for money 
  • Build to last trailers

Your Premier Chiller Trailer Manufacturer in China

A chiller trailer can be an important part of your business. So long as your product needs a chiller, then this is what you need. We make the chiller to be generally multipurpose. Once you have one product delivered, you can still have the other picked up with ease. This makes it a good pick for anyone who wants versatility. 

How about affordability? We make the chiller trailer to be as affordable as possible. The idea is to ensure you do not have to spend so much to protect and preserve your produce. We also assure the buyers of getting the best value for money. 

Are you in the market for a product that lasts for a long time? If that is the case, consider getting the chiller trailer from Sunnyda. We source the best quality raw materials key for improving the overall performance of your chiller trailer. 

Those who might have any questions should expect to get the best answers from us. We recommend talking to us. We have a dedicated team that would help look into your needs for a chiller trailer and enjoy the resultant product.

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Advantages of Chiller Trailers

Industry Standards
Industry Standards
The good thing about our chiller trailer for sale is that it meets industry standards. This is vital for ensuring that the same mobile chillers for sale can work for different industries. As such, you may use the same mobile chiller trailers for sale for food, pharmaceuticals, flowers, and more.
Customization Options
Customization Options
The mobile chiller trailers are also easily customizable. You may be looking for chiller trailers for specific use. We have you covered since we can customize the trailers to your needs. We also include customizations based on shelves, hooks, and much more.
One thing about our chiller trailers is that they are affordable. We make them using high-quality materials, but we also make sure they are within most people’s budgets. So, even if you are looking for a good chiller trailer but on a budget, we have you covered.
Extended Storage
Extended Storage
You may find that people also use chiller trailers as extended storage. This allows businesses to store their perishable goods more quickly without getting spoiled. You may also use the trailers for temporary storage at times.

Chiller Trailer Interior Features

Chiller Trailer Interior Features
Chiller Trailer Internal Shelving

Chiller Trailer Internal Shelving

Chiller Trailer Skid-proofed Screen Print Flooring

Chiller Trailer Skid-proofed Screen Print Flooring
Chiller Trailer used for Meat Storage Freezer

Chiller Trailer used for Meat Storage Freezer

Customized Commercial Mobile Chiller Trailer
Customized Commercial Mobile Chiller Trailer

Are you seeking a reliable solution for transporting or storing perishable goods? Invest in a Sunnyda chiller trailer today and get the most advantages of movable cold rooms. It is also quite versatile to suit many industries. 

  • I am generally happy with my decision to choose the Sunnyda chiller trailer. It has remained a good pick for my flower business. The best part is how the trailer is extremely reliable at maintaining the right temperature. – Edna 

  • The overall mobility and versatility of the chiller trailers make them a good thing for me. The result is that I can run my business more efficiently and profitably. I always recommend using such trailers for anyone who needs a portable cold room. – Tonya 

  • After recently acquiring the Sunnyda chiller trailer, there is so much I am happy about. I can confidently transport vaccines and other medications at the right temperature and keep them from worsening. – Ruben

  • Running my event management company is now easier with a chiller trailer. This is because I can easily transport perishable goods and handle large-scale events better than before. – Melissa 

What Is Chiller Trailer?

A Chiller trailer is a freezer on wheels, It is mainly used to keep food and drinks fresh and safe at a constant temperature while preserving the quality of food and eliminating the risk of foodborne illness, chiller trailers are ideal for fresh produce, fruits, vegetables, dairy products, meat, poultry, fish, perishable goods, and other food that need refrigeration and freezing. Also, due to the refrigeration and freezing benefits they offer to industries with short-term refrigeration requirements, chiller trailer has become popular for event management companies, the hospitality sector, cold chain transportation, perishable cargo, medical & pharmaceutical products, seafood, agricultural produce, livestock farming products, chocolates, flowers & plants, chemicals, hazardous materials, etc. 

A Chiller trailer is also referred to as a refrigerated trailer, fridge trailer, freezer trailer, cooler trailer, temperature-controlled trailer, or reefer trailer.

What Chiller Trailer Is Used For?

Chiller trailers play a vital role in preserving food quality and hygiene while enhancing the visual appearance, taste, and texture of food. Here are the industries that can benefit from chiller trailers: 

Food and Beverages

Chiller trailers offer a large cold storage space for food industries, wedding caterers, restaurants, fast food outlets, commercial kitchens, butchers, mobile food businesses, mobile bars, food transportation services, film & TV production, and more. A Chiller trailer is mainly used to meet the refrigeration and freezing requirements of various types of food including meat, poultry, fish, seafood, fruit & vegetable, cheese, dairy produce, ice cream, frozen food, cakes, delicate desserts, perishable goods, distilleries, breweries, alcoholic or non-alcoholic chilled beverages, besides this, chiller trailers ensure food and drinks are chilled to the right temperatures until served during events, while it keeps food protected from harmful pathogens, and microbiological contamination.

Agriculture & Farming


Chiller trailers are designed to transport a large volume of agricultural produce from farms, ranches, and regenerative agriculture to local and regional markets, thanks to the cold-resistant and energy-efficient refrigeration system which keeps perishable goods fresh and protected from bacteria, harmful pathogens, and moisture, while it withstands harsh environments with high humidity and extreme temperatures, this makes them excellent for the transportation, storage, loading, and unloading of agri-food products such as fresh produce, fruits, vegetables, meats, poultries, dairy products, perishables food, beers, flowers, etc. 

Outdoor Catering & Events

Chiller trailers are incredibly popular for outdoor catering and events such as weddings, parties, festivals, concerts, shows, exhibitions, conferences and large-scale events, chiller trailers allow caterers and event organizers to store food at safe temperatures, especially during winter and summer when food and drinks need to be served day and night, this mobile refrigeration unit is mainly designed to maintain food and drink quality, integrity and taste throughout the event which prevent bacterial growth, foodborne illnesses and therefore, allow attendees to enjoy food. 


Pharmaceutical products are highly sensitive to temperature change, medical chiller trailers have become crucial for the storage of temperature-sensitive medications such as vaccines, insulin, blood products, antibiotics, biopharmaceuticals, and biologic drugs, also chiller trailers are extremely mobile, which makes them perfect for shipping and transporting temperature sensitive medication, thanks to the temperature controlled environment which maintains medication potency, and eliminates the risk of negative side effects and degradation. Furthermore, these medical-grade trailers are generally used for indoor and outdoor medical purposes as temporary refrigeration in hospitals, emergency medical refrigeration, laboratory refrigerators, walk-in cold rooms, refrigerated morgue trailers and mortuary coolers.

Why Use Chiller Trailers For Cold Chain Transportation?

A Chiller trailer is commonly used to transport products such as perishable foods, fresh produce, frozen food, beverages, meat, dairy products, fruits, vegetables, pharmaceuticals, floral, electronics, food, beverages, pharmaceuticals, personal care products and temperature-sensitive freight. regardless of the shipping destinations, chiller trailers can maintain a constant temperature, thanks to the climate-controlled conditions, refrigeration units (TRUs) and insulation which protect a wide range of goods from the effects of temperature fluctuation during transport, varying weather conditions, spoilage, and damage, while it maintain the quality of perishable goods and keep them fresh and safe during winter and summer.

Why Chiller Trailers Are Popular For Food Industries?

The Chiller trailer is a refrigeration solution that is extremely practical, mobile and cost-effective, it features a refrigeration unit, high-grade insulated walls, doors, an anti-slip floor and a stainless steel rotary locking mechanism, these characteristics make them essential for cold chain transport, freight trucks, refrigerated trucks, trailers, chiller lorries, transport refrigeration units, climate-controlled cargo trailers, insulated trailers, intermodal shipping containers, and reefers.

What Comprises A Chiller Trailer?

A Chiller trailer is mainly designed to ensure tightly controlled storage temperatures that keep goods at a constant temperature and prevent the growth of bacteria; A chiller trailer comprises the following components:

Trailer Refrigeration Units (TRUs)

The chiller trailer is a build-in self-powered refrigeration unit (TRU) that monitors the interior temperature of the trailer compartment and keeps goods at a climate-controlled temperature, this refrigeration system comprises a refrigerant compressor which is used to power the evaporator coil, while a diesel engine is used to power the compressor and refrigerate the trailer.


Insulated Body

The chiller trailer body is made of insulated panels that cover completely the walls and doors, while the whole body is tightly sealed to create an airtight seal, insulated panels comes in different insulation material such as Polyurethane (PUR), Polyisocyanurate (PIR), PP Polypropylene Honeycomb, Expanded Polystyrene  (EPS), Extruded polystyrene (XPS), and Rock Wool. 


Trailer Exterior

The exterior of the chiller trailer is often made from Galvanized steel, Aluminium, Fibre-reinforced plastic (FRP), or Glass fibre-reinforced plastic (GRP), while the floor comes in heavy-duty anti-slip aluminium.


Circulation System

The Chiller trailer is equipped with air circulation systems that ensure proper air circulation throughout the trailer and create a stable temperature in the complete chiller trailer (front, middle and back), the chiller trailer helps prevent unsafe temperature fluctuations for perishable goods during storage and transport, besides this, it ensures cargo is kept at a climate-controlled temperature range.

What Temperature Do Chiller Trailers Operate At?

Chiller trailers operate at a temperature between +2°c and +10°C, while the freezer trailers’ temperature ranges between -20°C and +10°C, and refrigerated cargo trailers can maintain a temperature between 65 to -20 degrees F.

Chiller trailers are temperature-controlled and can be set at different temperatures according to product needs:

Poultry, Dairy, Meat & Fish: 31˚F or less 

Fruits & Vegetables: 31˚F – 55˚F

Milk & Dairy products: 32˚F – 34˚F

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