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  • Automatic Cold Storage Room Doors
  • Chilling Cold Room Doors
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  • Sliding Door for Cold Room Door
  • Automatic Cold Storage Room Doors
  • Chilling Cold Room Doors
  • Walk In Cold Room Sliding Door
  • Sliding Door for Cold Room Door

Cold Room Door

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When you have a right cold room door, you always end up with the best performance of your cold room storage. Many people might be intrigued to give it a try with our cold room doors. Sunnyda would like to assure them of getting high-quality cold room doors always. These doors are also built with versatility in mind. So, expect the best outcome always. 

The delivery is one of the best in the market. We tend to work fast so that you can have the cold room doors delivered in good time. Those who have worked with us know that we also promise a timeline we can deliver. The last thing we would want is to give you timelines we cannot meet. 

The best help is here with us. In case you have had any problems before, talk to us today. We will give you the right guidelines to understand how the cold room door works and how best you can use it. We also tell you more about the best ways to use the doors and maintain them for the best performance. 

With the introduction of the latest machinery, Sunnyda has been able to make people get their products faster. Also, each buyer is assigned a dedicated customer support manager to ensure you can know more about your order as it is processed. This allows for proper planning too.

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Advantages of Cold Room Door

Best Insulation
Best Insulation
When you are in the market for the best cold room door, you are also looking for the best insulation. We are happy that we can help you achieve that with this kind of cold room door design. The internal temperatures will remain contained just as you want, and no more temperature fluctuations.
Contamination Prevention
Contamination Prevention
Another reason for choosing these doors is because they are airtight. This means they can prevent the entry of contaminants such as bacteria, insects, and dust. The cold storage rooms are mostly meant to store sensitive products. So, keeping the contaminants out helps keep them fresh or in good condition.
Condensation Control
Condensation Control
It is also important to use the cold room doors as they minimize condensation. The last thing anyone wants is condensation on the door's surface. When you can prevent it from happening, then it becomes easier to reduce the risk of slippery surfaces and generally keep the room safe.
Durable And Strong
Consider these doors for being durable and strong. They are built to withstand harsh conditions if you want to set up in extreme weather conditions. Expect these doors to last for years to come without the need for replacing them.

Cold Room Hinged Door Features

Cold Room Hinged Door Features
Electrical and Manual Sliding Cold Room Door

Electrical and Manual Sliding Cold Room Door

Manufacturing Cold Room Doors

Manufacturing Cold Room Doors
Details Swing Doors for Cold Storage

Details Swing Doors for Cold Storage

Insulated Cold Room Doors
Cold Room Door Meet Your Standard

In case you are ready to optimize your cold storage facility, then you need to upgrade to our cold room doors. They are built to enhance better temperature control and maximize energy efficiency. Look at our range of products and choose the right one.

  • I like how it is possible to customize the cold room doors issued by Sunnyda. Unlike some other brands, I get to match the look of all my cold rooms by choosing the configuration I like. The support team was good at directing me to choose appropriately. – Dwayne

  • The locking mechanisms of the cold room doors has made easier to secure everything in the cold room. Of course, the company can add other locking mechanism types depending on your needs. I like the sliding doors generally. – Roy 

  • The overall durability is the best. Sunnyda uses insulated panels together with stainless steel and reinforced composites. As such, it has been easy for me to work on the cold room, knowing it will not break down any time soon. – Anna

  • These cold room doors offer the best temperature stability anyone needs for their cold room projects. They are still affordable too. – Zachary 

What Is A Cold Room Door?

Cold room doors are essential for businesses dealing with perishable and temperature-sensitive products, these reliable doors prevent air leaks and thermal bridges while they withstand the temperature conditions, thanks to the airtight design and thermal insulation which form a barrier between the internal and external environment, these characteristics makes cold room doors excellent for commercial and industrial refrigeration applications such as:


Cold rooms & cleanrooms 

Temperature-controlled environments 

Temperature-controlled supply chain

Refrigerated & freezer warehousing

Refrigerated chambers

Food processing plants

Cold warehouses

Cold storage facilities

Cold chain facilities

Chiller & freezers

What Is The Purpose Of Cold Room Doors?

Cold room doors are designed to reduce air infiltration and temperature fluctuations which maintain temperature differentials between internal & external environments, for a wide range of cold industries including: 


Food & Drink Manufacturing

Meat & Poultry Processing Plants

Fresh Produce Retail

Agriculture and Horticulture

Warehousing & Distribution

Hotels and Restaurants

Pharmaceutical and Medical Facilities



What Are The Applications Of Cold Room Doors?

Cold room doors are excellent for cleanroom operations, thanks to the superior material and perfect tight sealing which keep air pressure stable, minimize airborne contaminants, and ensure cleanliness of temperature in a wide range of controlled environments including:


Walk-in refrigerators or freezers 

Freezer cold room

Cold and deep-freeze rooms

Walk-in cooler

Blast freezers

Automated storage/retrieval

USDA/FDA processing plants

Ambient storage area 

Cold storage facilities 

Pharmaceutical cold room 

Temperature-controlled clean room 

Temperature-controlled environments

What Material Is Used For Cold Room Doors?

Cold room doors are made of highly durable material that meet the requirements of cold rooms in terms of design, insulation, and protection, cold room doors are mostly made of the following materials: 


Filler Insulation

Cold room door filler comes in different insulation materials such as Polyurethane foam (PU), rigid Polyisocyanurate foam (PIR), Polystyrene, Rockwool insulation, Mineral wool insulation, Paper Honeycomb, and Aluminium Honeycomb core. 

Door leaf

The door leaf is available in single or double leaf and can be made from various materials including composite plastic, stainless steel, aluminium sheets, prepainted steel, galvanized steel, fibreglass and laminates.  


A variety of protective and decorative coating can be applied to cold room surfaces to ensure complete protection from particles, corrosion, and other external factors while providing a smooth and easy-to-clean surface, customers can choose from different types of coatings including powder coating, semi-gloss PES (polyester) powder coating, industrial paint, phenolic resin boards (HPL), PVDF (polyvinylidene fluoride), antibacterial coating, food-grade coating, or food safe coating.


Cold room doors are fitted with extruded aluminium or anodized aluminium frames integrated into the door.

What Type Of Accessories Is Used for Cold Room Doors?

A variety of accessories and hardware can be offered to ensure an easy and silent opening & closing mechanism while providing an aesthetically appealing cold room door, a large selection of accessories is available including: 

Door strikes 





Sliding door parts

Plastic/Aluminum profiles

Automation system

Hydraulic automatic door closers

Sliding door wheels 

D-shape door seals 

Auto belts for auto doors

What Are The Types Of Cold Room Doors?

Cold room doors are designed to accommodate the requirements of commercial and industrial doors, a large collection of manual or automatic cold room doors are available in different sizes, thicknesses, materials, and accessories. The most commonly used cold room doors are as follows: 

Hinged cold room door

Sliding cold room door 

Vertical cold-room door

Insulated cold-room door

Semi-insulated cold-room door

High-speed folding door 

Double hinged door

Hinged flip-flap door 

Swing cold room door 

Walk-in sliding cold room door

Fire-rated cold room door

Hermetic cold room door for a controlled atmosphere

Service & Personnel cold room door

Customizable cold room door

What Types Of Closures Are Used For Cold Room Doors?

Closures for cold room doors are selected to meet the design and operational requirements of different temperature-controlled environments, various closures are available including:

Overhead door closers

Stainless steel handles with sanitary plate

Panic push bar and Exit devices

Push-pull knob/ Press and open knob

What Sizes Are Cold Room Doors?

Cold room door sizes range between 700 mm in width and of 3500 mm in height. The minimum size of a cold room door ranges from 700 mm in width and 1700 mm in height, while the maximum is 2000×2500 mm. The common size of cold room doors are as follow: 


800×1800 mm

900×2100 mm

1000×2000 mm

1500×2300 mm

1200×2500 mm


Custom cold room door size

What Are The Design Features Of Cold Room Doors?

Cold room doors are essentially designed to maintain optimal temperatures for tempreture-sensitive operations in terms of speed, protection, safety, acoustics and aesthetics, the most innovative design, material, closures, accessories and customization features can be provided according to cold room requirements. Also these robust and lightweight doors are perfectly sealed and insulated to minimize air-leakage, 

and ensure cold room environment is free from airborne particles, contaminants and bacteria, thanks to the smooth and easy-to-clean door surface and rapid open-and-close mechanism that ensure fast and easy access.

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