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  • Get the best portability and save on hiring cold room trailers all the time
  • It can work as an emergency backup in case the main cold room needs repairs
  • The mobile cold room is easy to set up and keep using once delivered
  • Trailer Cool Rooms and Container Cold Room
  • Trailer Cool Room Container Cold Room
  • Refrigerated Insulation Cold Room Trailer
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  • Trailer Cool Rooms and Container Cold Room
  • Trailer Cool Room Container Cold Room
  • Refrigerated Insulation Cold Room Trailer
  • Refrigerated Cold Room Trailer Storage.

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  • High quality and performance 
  • Multipurpose cold room trailers
  • Built to international standards
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Your Premier Cold Room Trailer Manufacturer in China

As part of making the best cold room trailer, we have to ensure it is properly insulated. This means using quality panels that do not lead to damaged products. We are open about the materials we use so that you only buy knowing that they would be quality products. We can also customize the materials to suit your needs better.

Most people would be interested in understanding the kind of quality they get with the cold room trailer. We are always available to stand by our cold room products. They are made by highly skilled personnel who also have extensive experience in the field. So, performance should never be an issue. 

Will the cold room trailer be versatile? It is expected that you may want to handle various products in the cold room at times. Well, you can do it with ease. We make multipurpose cold room trailers to ensure you only have the best cold room you need. 

The cold room trailers are also built to international standards. This is vital for ensuring you only have the best cold room. The last thing a person needs is a cold room that cannot perform. Our support team is here to help where necessary.



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Advantages of Cold Room Trailer

The main reason someone may get a cold room trailer for sale is because of mobility. The cold room on trailer is easily movable from one place to another. This should give you the flexibility that you need in the case of refrigerating food produce on the move.
Temperature Control
Temperature Control
The mobile cold room trailer offers great temperature control. The temperate can go as low as -20 degrees C. This temperature is vital for those who want cold storage for their perishable goods. You can also find cold rooms good for pharmaceuticals depending on the model you choose.
Saving On Cost
Saving On Cost
You may consider the mobile cold room trailers for sale as a good option for cold rooms since it is easy to move around. This is better than the permanent cold rooms you cannot use while on the road. So, expect it to be more economical too in the long run rather than always renting cold rooms.
Easy Installation
Easy Installation
The cold trailers for sale are also quite easy to set up and start using. The straightforward installation process can save you a lot of time generally. There is enough lighting and racks inside the cold room on wheels and ramps to help you easily use the cold room trailer.

Mobile Cold Room Corrosion Resistant Floor



Mobile Cold Room Corrosion Resistant Floor
Mobile Cold Room Thick Stick Plate

Mobile Cold Room Thick Stick Plate



Cold Room Trailer Interior Design

Cold Room Trailer Interior Design
Reliable and Smooth Cold Room Trailer

Reliable and Smooth Cold Room Trailer

Cold Room Trailer for Food Products
Customized Mobile Freezer Cold Room Trailer

Sunnyda’s top-of-the-line cold storage trailers will help you get the best experience in utilizing cold rooms wherever you are. Talk to us today for all the cold room trailer questions and customizations you may need. 

  • I would always recommend getting the cold room trailer if you are in the catering business. It will always help you keep the food fresh. Sunnyda is one brand with the best cold room trailers you could use. – Blair 

  • Running a pharmaceutical business is vital to have cold rooms. We do have a movable cold room because we sometimes offer outreach to patients. The result is that we can always keep the pharmaceuticals at the right temperature. – Dave 

  • Sometimes planning outdoor events can be challenging since the food has to be stored at the right temperature before preparations. The same thing happens to beverages. Luckily, I got myself a cold room trailer that has made my business quite efficient. – Krystal

  • My florist shop relies a lot on maintaining the freshness of the flowers. This has been possible thanks to the use of cold room trailers. I have two of them for my two shops in the city. – Eugene 

Cold Room Trailer: FAQs

Cold room trailers have always been a top pick for those in the restaurant business and food processing too. Well, the applications can be limitless so long as you need a cold room trailer, then come and get one today. Sunnyda features some of the FAQs on cold room trailers below so that you can have an independent decision on buying your next cold room trailer for sale. 

Why should you buy a cold room trailer?


  • Easy to setup

An outdoor party can be made more enjoyable by transporting cooled beverages and food in a cooler. When it arrives, all you have to do is plug the trailer into a power outlet and wait 30 minutes for it to chill down to 0 degrees Celsius.

  • Plenty of storage space

It eliminates the need for cooler boxes and ice packs, as well as multiple freezers, with a refrigerated trailer. Allows you quick and easy access to 1.2 tons of storage space.

  • Can be good for a catering business

Catering and bar services must preserve their reputation and provide the finest service possible by keeping their items at the correct temperature, no matter where they are. Refrigerated trailers make it simple to maintain the cold chain over a lengthy period of time.

  • Great for protecting your products 

During the hot summer months, caterers must have adequate cooling facilities on-site in order to reduce food wastage and spoilage. Using a refrigerated trailer will save you money on perishable food.

How do you keep the cold room trailer working right in a sunny area?

  • Choose a cool spot 

To begin, look for a place with a lot of shade. Nothing is more uncomfortable than waking up to the harsh glare of the sun beating down on your windowless room. The amount of energy needed to keep the chilly chamber at the desired temperature will be significantly higher if it is heated by sunlight. Find a shady area to protect yourself from the sweltering heat of the sun.

  • Thermostat Control

The temperature of your cold room on-trailer must be maintained once it has been set. This can be done by simply bringing cold objects into the room. Keep in mind that cooling anything down uses more energy than warming something up. Refrigeration is an excellent way to extend the life of perishable foods, but it must be done carefully.

  • Stop opening the mobile cold room trailer door all the time

This is a simple approach, but it works. Keep the door firmly closed behind you after you’re done. Allow only a few people to enter the icy room at a time, taking advantage of bulk visits.

Furthermore, latches aren’t standard in all cold rooms. Buy a cold room trailer with a latch to ensure that the door isn’t unintentionally left open.

  • Expect to spend more on energy 

Even with all of these safeguards, it will still take more energy to keep a cold room trailer cool in the summer than it would to keep it cold. If you’re running a generator in a cold room, be sure you have enough fuel.


Which foods should not be stored in mobile cold room trailers for sale?


  • Potatoes

Potatoes need an environment that is dry, cool, and open in order to thrive. Such an environment is not a cold room. You should not refrigerate potatoes if you want them to stay fresh. Keeping them in paper bags at the bottom of your pantry is the best way to store them.

  • Garlic and onion

Onions and garlic can only grow in a cool, well-ventilated environment. Refrigeration can hasten the mortality of onions. Onions and garlic should be kept away from potatoes to prevent sprouting or degradation due to moisture.

  • Tea and coffee

Coffee and tea can be stored at room temperature. Refrigerated tea and coffee beans may be contaminated by moisture. Even if they’re kept in a dry environment, this is still true. Store them in the pantry to keep them fresher for longer.

  • Bread

It’s fine to keep one loaf of bread in the freezer or refrigerator each week, but for everyday use, fresh bread should be kept out. When the bread is refrigerated rather than left out in the open air, it dries out more quickly. Bread should be consumed within the first four days after purchasing.

  • Sauces

Refrigeration is not required for many sauces, particularly hot sauces. Refrigerating sauces extend their shelf life, but their flavor is lost, making them difficult to enjoy.

  • Protected Fruits and Vegetables

Foods like onion and garlic have a protective coating that develops during the growing process. Whole pumpkins and squash can be stored for up to a month in the pantry because of their protective skins. For this reason, it is possible to keep bananas fresh without the need of cold trailers for sale due to their skins. These foods must be immediately chilled after cutting to prevent degradation.

How can cold room on wheels be used in winter?


  • Business of delivering flowers 

Keeping flowers fresh even in the winter can be difficult. A bouquet of fresh-cut flowers must meet a number of conditions before it may thrive. In a transportable cold room, the proper temperature and humidity ensure that flowers stay longer.

  • Transporting pharmaceutical products 

Items containing active components must be kept in a consistent atmosphere to ensure their survival. Pharmaceutical and cosmetic ingredients typically require a specific temperature to function properly. A movable cold room eliminates the risk of short-term spoilage.

  • Biomatter

Biological materials such as blood and organs can be stored year-round in a mobile coolroom trailer. This cargo must be kept at a constant temperature for transplants, testing, and transfusions. Temperature control of a coolroom trailer helps reduce the amount of biological waste.

  • Antiques

In the winter, a mobile cold storage trailer can be used to keep delicate things like antiques safe. For the preservation of historical artifacts, they may necessitate a specific temperature and humidity level. Moisture may have a devastating effect on antiques if they become contaminated.

  • Flammables

Keep all flammables in the same place and temperature. Even in the depths of winter, a sudden change in temperature might result in serious flammability. When the weather is stable, this threat is reduced.

How best can a buyer maintain a cold room on wheels?


Buying a cold room is a substantial investment for any business. 365 days a year, you can expect your cool room to be operational at all times. In addition to that, are you taking care of your coolroom trailers for sale?

You need to maintain and repair your cold room on a regular basis, just like you do your car. If there are any problems, your business will suffer. Therefore, we include a free maintenance contract with every purchase..

Taking care of your unit

Do a few extra duties each day and you’ll save money in the long term. We propose that you check out:

  • Keeping track of your unit’s temperature is a wonderful technique to keep an eye out for abnormalities and respond swiftly (avoiding a huge collapse at a later stage) (avoiding a massive breakdown at a later stage)
  • To maintain it clean, use warm soapy water and a cloth to wipe off the interior surfaces of your gadget. In addition to inflicting damage to the equipment, these substances generate a strong odor that could taint your merchandise.
  • Once you’ve cleaned, be sure to thoroughly dry all of your surfaces.
  • Debris and plants could obstruct airflow around your unit, causing it to malfunction.

Fill the cold room trailer


Overstuffing a unit might lead to early breakdowns since it will have to work harder. Your cold room will run more efficiently if you keep a close check on stock levels.

Your cold room can function more efficiently if you stock it in a way that works best for your business. Consider the following as an example:

  • Avoid having to leave the door open for long periods of time in search of frequently used items by storing them towards the front of the room.
  • The rotting of other products could be prevented if your goods do not block the flow of cold air.
  • In order to prevent harm to the remainder of your stock, keep an eye out for perishables every day and wipe up any spills right away.

As a reward for all the hard work your cool room has put in for you, it deserves regular inspections and maintenance.

We’re here to make sure your cold room is well-maintained and to give you advice on the best ways to store your specific things. Enquire now about our free after-sales service contract of the mobile cool room for sale, and we’ll help you locate the best cooling solution for your business!

Which businesses can benefit from using a coolroom on trailer for sale?


Food service and hospitality organizations rely on cold rooms to maintain a steady temperature and avoid rotting in order to keep their products fresh. Cold rooms, on the other hand, have a wide range of uses in a wide range of sectors. Here are the top uses of cold rooms on wheels.

  • Florists

Mobile cool rooms allow florists to create floral arrangements and full orders with a virtually limitless number of options. To maintain their freshness, flowers and plants must be transported in a cold environment. Flowers and plants can stay much longer in a florist’s store if they are kept in a cool area.

Mobile cold storage may be able to help with logistical issues. Because of this, events may be held in unusual locations and over a long period of time without having to worry about food spoiling.

  • Vineyards

On-site refrigeration is possible as early as possible in the wine-making process. Mobile cool rooms make temperature-controlled wine storage and transit easier.

  • Pharmacies

Specific temperatures must be maintained in order for these items to maintain their quality and viability. The pharmaceutical business relies on walk-in cold rooms as well as coolrooms on wheels for transit and storage.

  • Fragrance companies 

Cosmetics and fragrance firms need cold storage companies since their products may be stored for longer periods of time. Refrigeration extends the life of lipstick and perfume (but perfume should be stored at room temperature).

Whether you’re offering flowers, food, or wine, we have a cooling option for you. For more than two decades, Sunnyda has been in the business and it can assist you to figure out what your needs are. If you have any questions or would like to place an order, you can do so through our website.

What are the signs your portable coolrooms for sale need repairs done?


Temperature is strictly controlled in these mobile cold room trailers. For more than just food, a cold room can be beneficial. Cosmetics and other products also profit from their use. It is possible to use these refrigerated trailers to transport things in a building or to store them.

Cold room trailers are required for the delivery and storage of daily needs such as food and medicine. If you suspect a problem with your cold room, here are four things to keep an eye out for.

  • Condensation

If you see water droplets on the surface of your cold room, the temperature may be shifting. On the rubber seal around the door, mold and mildew may be forming. It’s time to fix the seal on your cold room if it isn’t doing the job.

  • Icing

In spite of the fact that it could be lovely, ice accumulation is an indicator of an overworked room. Inspect the evaporator coils, the door, and the entire space. This indicates that there is a lack of heat and ventilation.

  • Products spoiling

When food spoils or objects decompose faster than expected, there is a problem. Your heating system may not be working properly, or you may have a hot spot in your room. Your firm could lose a lot of money if you don’t restore damaged goods immediately.

  • Weird noises from the cold room

An alarming sign of a faulty cooling system is excessive buzzing. An unclean fan could be the root cause of the problem, which may require regular cleaning. The compressor or other parts of the system may be to blame if the noise persists.

Are mobile coolroom trailers for sale better than fixed cold rooms?

  • Saves on space

Using a mobile coolroom frees up more room, which is obvious. Mobile cold storage may be able to free up a lot of space in your home without consuming any of your valuable inside square footage. By relocating this, you’ll free up some storage space in your home.

  • Secure

It is not difficult to keep your fruit fresh in a portable refrigerator. Totally secure transportable fridges can be made. Outside locking devices are common on mobile refrigerators. Thus, even if the gadget is left outside, your stock will be protected from theft or damage.

  • Reliable

Mobile cold storage can keep food fresh and chilled in all weather conditions. They’re a real pain in the neck. Thus, they’re more reliable than the average refrigerator. A mobile refrigerator is capable of handling any duty thrown at it.

  • Maintenance is easy

Failure of a repaired fridge is a disaster. It can take weeks to find a mechanic who is qualified to operate your specific model. If your room’s layout requires extensive remodeling, the process could take a lengthy time. Portable fridges make repairs and maintenance simple. Transformable cold rooms are ideal in an emergency.

  • Convenience

Mobile cold rooms are unrivaled in terms of their adaptability. Life can be saved by the capacity to move your fridge. Everywhere you go, you may bring a portable cold room that will be ready to go when you arrive.

Can mobile coolroom trailers for sale be powered by solar?


Solar power is becoming a more popular alternative for commercial and residential buildings because it is less harmful to the environment. Reduce your carbon impact by using solar power to run equipment that would otherwise need electricity. 

The enormous range of uses for solar energy made solar-powered refrigeration seem obvious. Perishable food must be safe and edible at all times in every household and restaurant. Is there any truth to this theory?

Solar Mobile Cooling: The Basic Concepts

Here’s a quick rundown on how solar refrigeration works.

The sun’s heat is used to cool a storage container in solar refrigeration. Solar refrigeration does not require the use of a motor or electricity to compress a refrigerant. A cooling effect caused by the sun’s rays ensures that your food is kept at the proper temperature and freshness level.

What it does to maintain the freshness of food

At first glance, using a solar-powered refrigerator to keep your food at a consistent temperature may seem odd. You can’t just open a refrigerator and expect it to stay chilled. As anyone who has suffered a power outage can tell you, food spoils quickly in the summer heat.

The amount of insulation in a solar refrigerator is critical to its effectiveness. To keep things warm, all you need is a thick layer of insulation encircling the liner. This will keep your food cold for a long time. It helps keep the fridge cool when the sun isn’t shining. It was possible to power lithium-ion batteries using the sun and PV cells, like in classic solar refrigeration.

Solar-Powered Portable Coolrooms for Sale

Solar refrigeration has a number of benefits. Efficiency in energy use is one of them. Most commercial solar coolrooms can provide 65-75 BTUs of cooling electricity after absorbing around 100 BTUs from the sun. Improved energy efficiency is an excellent concept.

As a bonus, they are better for the environment because they produce more energy than they use up. Solar refrigeration does not require a power grid and does not produce trash, making it safer than other energy sources. Because no electrical work is required during the installation, it’s a safer option.

How Solar-Powered Cold Room Trailers Help the Restaurant Industry

It’s important at restaurants to keep food cold because customers who have paid for it are standing in line all the time. Lost revenue and bad publicity can cost restaurants hundreds of dollars.

There are numerous advantages to solar refrigeration, including its ability to keep food fresh and chilled for a long length of time.

  • Slashing Your Electricity Bill

Keeping costs low is crucial in the restaurant industry since the bottom line is always at stake. If you can eliminate the electricity bill and run your cold room on solar power, you’ll save money.

  • Outages of electricity

Batteries containing solar energy can power your refrigerator in the event of a power outage. Solar cold rooms may be able to keep food cool because of the insulation they use.

  • Reputation-Building

Solar-powered cold rooms may not help your restaurant’s reputation, but it sends a powerful message to the community that you care about the environment. If you want to be seen as a leader, make sure your employees know how to convey this message to customers and others in the community.

  • Federal Tax Credit for Renewable

The use of solar-powered refrigeration in your restaurant may be eligible for a tax credit if your establishment is eligible. Another benefit of going solar is that it can save you money in the long run.

Should you get a cold room trailer or truck? Which is better between the two?

A cold room trailer and a cold room truck, on the other hand, have a drastically distinct set of functions. The advantages of temporary refrigeration and cold room trailers are clear to us because we build and distribute them. 

If you only need a cold room for a few days or weeks, renting one is your best bet. Most small businesses immediately think of renting a refrigerated truck because of how common it is. Large or small-sized refrigerated trucks are utilized to convey chilled supplies to your business. Often, truck rental firms are called upon when a small restaurant or other business requires a temporary freezer or refrigeration.

A temporary refrigerated trailer rental from local companies is preferable than renting from one of the big refrigerated truck rental businesses. There are numerous advantages to renting a refrigeration truck rather than purchasing one.

  • Impressive power output

Any 110v 20 amp outlet can be used to hook up a refrigeration trailer. It is possible to rent a similar truck using the truck’s engine or a separate gas-powered motor. Keeping an eye on fuel levels is essential because gas engines have varying runtimes. Without gas, it’s freezing!

  • Low noise cold room trailers

Our cold room trailers run quite quietly (around 65 decibels). That’s right, did you hear? Because of the highway noise, no one wants to deal with our trailers!

  • No more pollution

Electric-powered refrigerated trailers don’t emit any gas pollution. The refrigerated component of the vehicle was powered by the truck’s motor, so gas or diesel aromas flood the air around it.

  • Good for even blackouts

Is there no way to accomplish anything? There’s no need to worry about running out of electricity with our generator-powered cold room trailers. It’s not ideal, but it’s possible. Use a 50-foot extension line and a silent generator to keep it out of the way. Everyone despises the sound and stink of a gas-powered vehicle. In addition, we provide the option to buy generators through our company. 

  • Improved workflow 

Small businesses, such as eateries, can use our commercial walk-in cold rooms as a temporary solution. When you turn the doorknob or press the emergency release, you get a peaceful feeling. It is easy to load full pallets of freight with the help of liftgates and large cargo doors that are standard on most trucks. These vans are ideal for making 20 deliveries in one day all throughout the town.

  • Holding capacity 

In order to use the truck’s increased cargo area, you’ll need to store more than ten pallets of food. Commercial refrigerators and freezers are available in a wide range of configurations. Your capacity needs can be met more effectively and cost-effectively with different units of varying capacities.

  • Space needs.

There is a lot of room needed at your kitchen’s back door for these trucks, which are enormous. A single parking space is available just outside your front door. Even with a modest referral vehicle, our customers must walk 100 feet from the backdoor to reach the truck. If you do not have enough space, then a cold room trailer is better. 

  • Appearance

We all know that appearances count when it comes to staying cool. A clean and visually pleasing cold room trailer is a high priority for us. With the greatest refrigeration trailers in the industry, we are convinced that you will be pleased as well. 

Do cold room trailers need PVC strip curtains? What is their role?

Creating a barrier between areas where temperature changes do occur is possible by using PVC strip curtains. They’re made of translucent PVC strips. High-traffic areas can easily benefit from their visibility and insulation. They also help keep people safe and prevent overheating. As if they weren’t substantial enough, they are, in spite of how they appear.

Large cold room trailers benefit from these because they retain the cold air and make it easier to transfer food. The same help keep garbage and other potential contaminants out of your cold room trailer. As such, this makes the curtains ideal for foodservice industry including grocery shops and restaurants.

Is PVC available in a variety of grades?

There are a number of specifications about temperature-rated PVC strip curtains on the market. When the temperatures drop below freezing, PVC sometimes might shatter. Polar-grade PVC strip curtains should always be used in freezers. This will enhance both insulation and durability.

Exactly the Right Fit

Because walk-in refrigerator openings vary, proper installation of PVC curtains is essential. At the top and bottom of the chamber, there are small vents that allow fresh air to enter. If the curtains are properly fixed and fitted, they will not fall from the ceiling. 


PVC strip curtains, like any other style of curtain, can be slid along a rail. The strips are, however, open to pedestrians. Therefore, mounting them over the top rather than using the rail is preferred. Avoid keeping bulky things in the walk-in fridge if at all possible. Opt for a moveable rail even if you only utilize the walk-in fridge area on rare occasions You can so open the draperies if the weather permits.


One of the most notable features of PVC strip curtains is their transparency. It is possible for other persons to see how the unit is accessed and exited. Large doors in cold storage facilities make it more difficult to retrieve bulky objects. Also, they help to keep the walk-in refrigerator at the right temperature.


Insulated PVCcurtains might help you save money on your utility bills when you start doing the math. The best part is that these curtains themselves are cheap.

In addition to providing a great working environment, they also keep the refrigerator’s cold air in place. Workers save time loading inventory shipments or looking for items because they can’t “hold” them open like a fridge. When the temperature drops, they automatically close.

Control of Smell is Better

It is essential to keep an eye on the food stored in order to avoid potential damage and rot. The smell of various foods can interfere with such work environment too. PVC strip curtains help to keep out harsh odors.

Low-Maintenance needs

Strip curtains are low-maintenance because of their simplicity. Flexible PVC strips provide easy access to and from the fridge. Walk-in refrigerators that do not have doors are significantly less expensive because of this.

With walk-in cold room trailers, you don’t need to use heavy machinery like a forklift truck in order to apply force to the strips. The most critical aspect of strip maintenance is ensuring the curtains are clean.


One of the reasons people get their cold room trailers is because of performance. You never have to worry about performance when buying from Sunnyda. We will ensure you get value for money always. If you are interested in trying out some of our products, simply get in touch today for more details. 


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