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  • Industrial Cold Storage Sliding Door
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  • Insulated Cold Storage Sliding Door
  • Industrial Sliding Cold Storage Door
  • Industrial Cold Storage Sliding Door
  • Industrial Cold Room Sliding Room

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Your Premier Cold Storage Doors Manufacturer in China

Cold storage doors always serve an important role in ensuring the cold room works properly. There is no doubt you would want to get cold storage with no issues. That is what Sunnyda will do for you. It will take time to design and build the cold storage doors to suit your needs to maintain the cold room temperature. 

The Sunnyda cold storage doors are also quite secure. You do not have to worry about unauthorized access to your cold room. If you need advanced security locks installed, then that is something we can do. The door would also be customized further to your specifications, ensuring you always have a working cold storage door. 

Buyers can customize the cold storage door further in terms of color, too. Maybe you want the doors to have a certain color, then it should not be hard to achieve it. Simply talk to the support team for ideas on the various colors available to choose from and have them added to the door. 

These doors are also easy to assemble. This is good news for all those who want the best cold storage doors. All the assembly instructions will be sent to you to get started. In case you are stuck, Sunnyda is always ready to step in and help where necessary.

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Advantages of Cold Storage Doors

Regulatory Compliance
Regulatory Compliance
Just as expected, Sunnyda is a cold storage doors manufacturer that focuses on ensuring compliance with our products. We ensure that the doors follow the standards and regulations for food safety and temperature control. As such, you can use them when you are in various fields.
Durable and Reliable
Durable and Reliable
As one of the top cold storage doors suppliers, we ensure our doors are durable and reliable. Even those with demanding refrigeration environments could use such doors, knowing they are built to last. The robust construction means that these doors can hold up quite well.
Safety and Security
Safety and Security
Another possible reason for choosing our cold storage doors is because they offer better safety and security for the goods stored in cold storage. We still incorporate safety for people too who might be locked inside. The safety measures include safety sensors, breakaway panels, and emergency release systems.
Condensation Control
Condensation Control
Being good for cold storage means the need to control condensation better. Because of the temperature difference between the outside and inside, our doors ensure no condensation, and the cold storage works as expected. The last thing a person needs is moisture in cold storage.

Cold Storage Doors for Food Industry

Cold Storage Doors for Food Industry
Hinged Doors Manufacturer For Cold Rooms

Hinged Doors Manufacturer For Cold Rooms

Cold Storage Doors Reliable Jack Bolts

Cold Storage Doors Reliable Jack Bolts
Galvanized Steel Cold Storage Doors

Galvanized Steel Cold Storage Doors

Cold Storage Doors Manufacturers
Industrial Cold Storage Doors

It is time to upgrade your cold storage efficiency by using Sunnyda cold storage doors. They boost energy efficiency, are durable, and you get the best safety features too. Talk to us if you want more details on such cold storage doors. 

  • After facing disappointments from other suppliers, I like to have come across Sunnyda. The brand was recommended by a friend who had an experience with it, and so far, mine is also good. – Catherine 

  • I like how the doors are strong and the performance is reliable. When I compare this to my previous doors, I see a huge improvement. – Virginia 

  • Ever since I changed the cold storage doors in our facility, I have enjoyed the overall performance I get. There is a large improvement in food safety and preservation compared to before. – Christopher 

  • After years of using Sunnyda’s other products, I opted for cold storage doors to see how good they were. Of course, Sunnyda did not disappoint since I got the right performance even for my budget. There is not much to complain about since the doors have served me well. – Mary 

What Is A Cold Storage Door?

A cold storage door is vital for maintaining a constant temperature and preserving the integrity and freshness of temperature-sensitive products such as meat, poultry, seafood, fruit, vegetables, and other perishable goods, also, cold storage doors are ideal for temperature-controlled environments, refrigerated storage facilities and large food storage areas. Cold storage doors comprise a tough and thermally resistant Polyurethane insulating core (PUR) or Polyisocyanurate Foam (PIR), while the door leaf comes in a wide range of materials such as Galvanized steel sheet, Aluminum plates, Stainless steel sheets, Plastic material, and Fiberglass reinforced (FRP) framework.


Why Use Cold Storage Doors?

Nowadays, the food and beverage industry relies heavily on cold storage warehousing to preserve the quality of post-harvest agricultural products, fresh produce, temperature-sensitive drugs, vaccines, and medical supplies, cold storage doors are essentially used for negative temperature-controlled environments, down to -25° C, such as livestock storage facilities, ULO/XLO controlled atmosphere, pharmaceuticals manufacturing facilities, laboratories, etc. Thanks to the high-performance insulating material which guarantees an effective preservation of perishable products at a constant temperature, in addition to the tight sealing which generates great tightness and prevents ice from forming on the cold storage doors.


What Are The Applications Of Cold Storage Doors?

Cold storage doors are specially designed to ensure safe and efficient storage for various temperature-controlled environments including:

Cold storage warehouses

Cold chain environments

ULO (Ultra Low Oxygen) controlled atmosphere

XLO (Extreme Low Oxygen) controlled atmosphere

Controlled atmosphere chambers

Controlled atmosphere (CA) storage

Refrigerated storage buildings

Food storage facilities

Large scale freezers

Cold chain transportation

Climate-controlled warehouses

Temperature Controlled Logistics


What Are The Types Of Cold Storage Doors?

Cold storage doors are designed and manufactured to respond to various industries’ cold storage requirements, customers can choose from various types that accommodate large-size cold storage applications and cater to specific temperature control needs. Also, cold storage doors are available for positive and negative temperature and controlled atmosphere as follow:

Manual and automatic cold storage doors

High-speed cold storage door

Insulated cold storage door

Sliding cold storage door

Swing cold storage door

Vertical lift cold storage door

Roll-up cold storage door

Fold-up cold storage door

Flip flap cold storage door

Cold storage loading door


What Is The Best Material For Cold Storage Doors?

The best materials to consider when choosing cold storage doors are the following:

Door Leaf

The cold storage door leaf is available in differing materials, sizes, thicknesses, textures, and finishing:

Galvanized steel sheet

Polyester-painted galvanized sheet

PVC-coated galvanized sheet

Stainless steel sheet

Aluminum sheet

Plastic-coated zinc plate

High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE)

Composite plastic sheet

Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)

Fiberglass panels (FRP)

Moreover, due to its corrosion resistance, food-grade coating, and hygienic properties, cold storage door surface is easy to maintain and clean, and also highly resistant to stains and cleaning products, this makes cold storage doors more suitable for food & beverage goods, pharmaceuticals, and other products with high hygiene requirements.

Insulation Core

Insulating cores are essentially used to provide excellent thermal resistance and ensure energy efficiency for cold storage doors which minimize temperature fluctuations, reduce energy loss, and avoid air leakage while preventing condensation and moisture ingress. Common types of insulated panels include:

Polyurethane foam (PU)

Polyisocyanurate Foam (PIR)

Expanded Polystyrene Insulated Panels (EPS)

Compressed Straw Core Insulated Panels


A large selection of accessories is available for commercial and industrial cold storage doors including the following:






Aluminum and plastic profiles

Automation system

Sliding system

Aluminum door track

Protective coating

Most cold storage doors come coated with antimicrobial coating and food-grade coating which ensure maximum hygiene and eliminate microorganisms and bacterial growth, and in the meantime reducing contamination risk.


The most reliable sealing mechanism such as silicone seals, rubber seals or elastic sealants is used to eliminate air infiltration and ensure airtight closure, continuous seals are applied to the front and back side of the cold storage panel and to the surface where the door leaf meets the door frame, this keeps cold air inside and prevents warm air from entering through the cold storage door.

What Are The Features Of Cold Storage Doors?

Cold storage door features are limitless, customers can select the desired features based on operational requirements and hygiene needs, these functional and wear-resistant cold storage doors feature several key elements such as high-density polyurethane insulation, pre-coated galvanized steel door leaf, heavy-duty hardware, and airtight seals. Cold storage doors can be customized based on industry-specific requirements and standards.


What Factors To Consider When Choosing Cold Storage Doors?

Nowadays, there is a variety of cold storage doors available on the market, when buying cold storage doors, customers should consider five key factors:

Environmental Control

Environmental control is critical in cold storage facilities as fluctuation in temperatures can affect product quality, and can lead to ice recrystallization, cold storage doors are designed to fit different refrigeration and freezing environments, thanks to the strong sealing which creates an airtight environment, while eliminating air infiltration, convection, and conduction. This helps maintain a constant temperature for temperature-controlled products which keeps products fresh at the right temperature and extends shelf life. 

Door Opening

Cold storage doors are designed to offer faster opening and reduced door opening time, this makes them excellent for high-speed operating environments such as commercial and industrial storage settings and other storage facilities where airflow is essential for cooling performance and heterogeneity, likewise, high-speed cold storage doors minimize the infiltration of warm air to the storage areas, lower the effects of unwanted heat intrusion, and therefore help achieve efficient cold storage.

Energy Efficiency

Cold storage doors are energy-efficient doors that eliminate conduction, convection, and infiltration, due to the thermal insulation and energy-efficient material, this airtight cold storage doors can improve cooling conditions and reduce energy consumption, whereas, cold storage doors that are poorly insulated consume more energy, while, a thermally resistant insulated doors guarantee a high R-values which mitigates heat transfer through the material, prevent moisture accumulation, save energy and help major cold storage facilities realize significant energy savings and enhance the overall efficiency.

Regulatory Compliance

Cold storage doors are designed and manufactured to comply with strict industry requirements and regulations, thanks to the high-quality material which meets various industries’ hygiene requirements including food processing environments, pharmaceutical storage, medications, nutraceuticals, and biotech, while it also complies with food and beverage storage safety standards including Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and Food and Drug Administration (FDA) standards. Besides this, cold storage doors are the fire-resistant door that meets fire protection regulations and comes equipped with single and double-leaf EI260-C fire doors.


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