Converting Your Walk-In Cooler to a Freezer: Can It Be Done?

Coolers and Freezers both employ low temperatures to do their function so is it possible to convert walk-in coolers into walk-in freezers? Converting coolers to freezers may be an economical and convenient approach to saving money but the process involved is not easy. In this blog, we will explore the feasibility of converting coolers to freezers and the different challenges that will be encountered.

walk-in cooler or Freezer



Feasibility of Conversion:

Converting walk-in coolers to freezers is possible, provided that certain modifications on the system are integrated but the changes are more complex than just adjusting the working temperature.



Challenges to Consider:


1.       Refrigeration System Inadequacy

The refrigeration setting of walk-in coolers is set to maintain low temperatures but for cooling products, not freezing them. It will become possible if the refrigeration system is upgraded to accommodate freezing temperatures.

Refrigeration System


 2.       Additional Features Required:

Walk-in freezers are composed of features that walk-in coolers do not possess such as the following:


Insulated Flooring

Insulation prevents the temperature from escaping the walk-in unit. Flooring that is not insulated becomes an escape route for the cold air to escape which is why freezers have insulated flooring to control the temperature better.


Defrost Mechanism

In all refrigeration systems, the moisture eventually turns to ice in the evaporator coil. Walk-in freezers are built with defrost mechanisms to melt the ice build-up to ensure its efficiency while walk-in coolers, most of the time do not have this specific feature which makes it a problem because if ice build-up is not attended, the system will experience problems maintaining the ideal temperature.


Door Heater

The doors of walk-in coolers are not designed for freezing temperatures. Doors of walk-in freezers have built-in heaters to prevent the doors from freezing shut due to condensation. Condensation occurs when the outside air encounters the cold temperature inside, creating moisture. If you want to convert your coolers to freezers, then adding door heaters is highly advisable.


3.       Cost Considerations

Converting a walk-in cooler into a walk-in freezer is expensive so before you decide to convert, it is necessary to be informed of the different aspects involved such as:



Material Costs for New Components

Converting walk-in coolers to freezers will need an upgrade on components such as compressors, condensers, evaporators, insulation, door mechanisms, and defrost mechanisms. When you add all of these, it will amount to something pricey.


Labor Costs for Qualified HVAC Technicians

It is difficult to do the conversion by yourself because it involves complex processes which is why it is necessary to obtain the services of a professional HVAC technician. Their expertise and knowledge will assure you of a quality conversion, but their time and expertise will add to the total costs of the project.


Potential for Lower Efficiency Leading to Higher Energy Bills.

If you convert or repurpose a cooler to a freezer, it may not function efficiently because it is not designed that way. It may even cause the refrigeration system to work doubly hard to maintain the ideal temperature which will increase the consumption of energy.


4.       Structural Considerations

 Coolers and freezers are designed and built differently. Converting coolers to freezers needs more insulation which increases the weight of the walk-in which puts pressure on the structural support. Additional reinforcements are needed to keep the unit stable which adds more cost to the project.


5.       Building Code Considerations

 It is necessary to obtain permits to follow building codes and regulations when doing conversion on a building. Always check the existing rules and regulations in your location to acquire the necessary permits from the authorities. Obtaining the help of a professional will ensure that all standards are followed.

Building Code Considerations



Clever Option:


Converting a Walk-in Freezer into a Walk-in Cooler is Easier Compared to the Other Way Around.

This process is easier and is not a complex process. Simply adjusting the settings of the existing system and thermostat is enough.




Seeking advice from professionals is necessary before undergoing any conversion projects because of their expertise in the area. They can assess and evaluate the feasibility of the projects and can even suggest improvements as well as help with costing and ensure that everything is within the set rules and regulations.

Seeking advice from professionals




Converting a walk-in cooler into a walk-in freezer is an option that is often considered by business owners who fail to understand the complexity of the process. There are many things to consider making the conversion successful. Hopefully, this blog sheds some light on the intricacies of the conversion process. Make sure to equip yourself with the knowledge before undertaking any conversion projects.

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