What Is the difference between a Walk-In Cold Room and a Freezer?

How do large amounts of produce in grocery stores stay fresh? Why do ice creams stay frozen even if unattended? The answer is simple – it is because of walk-in cold rooms and freezers, but aren’t they the same? They may seem the same at first glance but there is a distinct difference between the two. Read on and be informed about the differences of a cold room that chills and a freezer that frosts.




What is a Walk-In Refrigeration System?

When we say walk-in refrigeration system, it may refer to a walk-in cold room or a walk-in freezer. These systems are large rooms that are insulated and are commonly used as storage of products that easily expire or spoil.

walk-in refrigeration system


Walk-in Cold Room 

Walk-in cold rooms otherwise called walk-in coolers are large rooms that are insulated and work like a refrigerator, only bigger. These rooms are commonly used by businesses that require storage for food and products that are perishable. Its primary function is to “chill” the products stored inside.

Walk-in cold rooms


Walk-in Freezer

Walk-in freezers are large rooms that are also insulated. It seems the same as a walk-in cold room, but the main difference is its working temperature. The temperature range of walk-in freezers is usually from -10°F to -40°F (-23°C to -40°C). Its primary function is to “freeze” the products stored inside to preserve food and keep it for a long time.

it Freeze the products stored



What are their Differences in Terms of:


1.     Temperature


Walk-in Cold Room:

Since its primary function is to “chill” the products inside, its temperature ranges between 32°F (0°C) and 41°F (5°C).


Walk-in Freezer:

The primary function of a freezer is to “freeze” which is why its working temperature is between -10°F (-23°C) to -18°F (-28°C). This enables the product to last a long time in storage.



2.     Application


Walk-in Cold Room:

The walk-in cold room is perfect for storing perishable items that need to remain cool but should not freeze, such as fruits, vegetables, dairy products, and beverages.

fruits and vegetables


Walk-in Freezer.

Walk-in freezers are used to store products that need to be frozen for an extended period to preserve their freshness, such as meat, seafood, and ice cream.


3.     Storage Capacity

There is no significant difference in the storage capacity of both a walk-in cold room and a freezer. Their sizes may differ instead depending on the need of the business.


4.     Cost


Walk-in Cold Room:

Walk-in cold rooms are generally cheaper compared to walk-in freezers because of its function which requires a higher temperature setting than freezers.




Walk-in Freezer:

Since walk-in freezers need lower temperatures to perform its function, these are more expensive than walk-in cold rooms.



Frequently Asked Questions:


Is it Possible to use a Walk-In Freezer as a Walk-In Cold Room?

Ideally, it is possible, but some limitations may need to be considered. Since walk-in freezers are used to “freeze” products, they may not work as efficiently when used as a walk-in cold room. Modification of some components is needed because some features installed in walk-in freezers are not necessary in a walk-in cold room.

walk-in freezers and walk-in cold rooms


How Can I Determine Whether I Need a Walk-In Freezer or a Walk-In Cold Room?

It will always depend on the needs of the business. If your products need to be stored for long periods without losing their freshness, choose a walk-in freezer, but if your products only need to be stored or chilled to prevent them from being damaged, then choose a walk-in cold room.




There is a clear distinction between a walk-in cold room and a walk-in freezer. The former chills what is stored while the latter freezes. They differ in their working temperatures, the kind of products they store, and the way the refrigeration system works, but no matter the use, they are both beneficial to businesses depending on the products you are going to store.




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