Explosion-Proof Cold Storage: Ensuring Safety and Compliance

Cutting-Edge Cold Storage for Logistics

Cutting-Edge Integrated Explosion-Proof Technology

Explosion-proof cold storage adopts leading integrated explosion-proof technology, constructed according to explosion-proof levels such as IICT4 and IIBT4. This design significantly reduces the volume and weight of the explosion-proof system compared to traditional techniques.

Micro-Watt-Level Full Optical Isolation Control Circuit

The micro-watt-level full optical isolation control circuit in Hanbing’s explosion-proof cold storage enhances safety by several levels compared to traditional technologies. Moreover, the system is cost-effective, secure, easy to maintain, and offers high cost-effectiveness.

 Flexible Configuration and Customization

Hanbing’s explosion-proof cold storage provides flexible configuration options. Users can customize the storage volume, number of units, brands, installation methods, and auxiliary devices according to their needs. It is versatile and easy to disassemble, move, and expand.

Stringent Explosion-Proof Performance Requirements

The explosion-proof cold storage imposes high requirements on explosion-proof performance. All electrical systems, including switches, undergo explosion-proof treatment to ensure safety.

Certification and Compliance Verification

Certification verification is essential. According to the current national standard “Explosion-Proof Electrical Equipment for Explosive Atmospheres,” the production of explosion-proof cold storage products requires obtaining an explosion-proof certificate. The certificate number is evidence that the equipment’s explosion-proof performance has been approved by a designated national inspection unit.

Wiring and Fixation Standards

Wiring in explosion-proof cold storage must use high-quality steel or galvanized pipes. Connection points should employ explosion-proof junction boxes or distribution boxes. Fixation methods may include embedding, expansion bolts, nylon plugs, plastic plugs, or welding. Compliance with the “Installation Standard Atlas for Explosion-Proof Electrical Equipment” is recommended during construction.

Electrical Equipment Safety Measures

Regarding electrical equipment, after securely fastening the interior of the junction box, checking for adequate electrical clearances and creepage distances is crucial to prevent accidents. Inspection is necessary to ensure safety, and compliance with national and international standards is essential.

Sealing Requirements

For safety, cables or wires entering the equipment should have reliable connections and good sealing. Some products may have multiple entry points, but sealing the surplus entry points is crucial to maintaining explosion-proof and water/dust resistance capabilities.

Surface Temperature Limits

The allowable surface temperature of electrical equipment is categorized into six groups based on usage environments. The current national standard has modified these values to increase safety. It also includes additional values for low voltage and eliminates the use of low-grade insulating materials.

Acceptance Report and Quality Inspection

Upon completion of the explosion-proof cold storage installation, inviting personnel from the National Explosion-Proof Electrical Equipment Quality Supervision and Inspection Center for on-site inspection and acceptance is recommended. The center can issue a testing and acceptance report for verification purposes.

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