Floral Walk-In Coolers and Refrigerators: Types, Uses, and Benefits

Flowers, when harvested, need to be kept in a cool environment to retain their quality and freshness that is why florists or anyone in the flower business use either walk-in or reach-in coolers. They use these specialized refrigerators to preserve the quality of flowers and prevent damage and rot making those refrigerators an essential part of their business.



What is a Flower Walk-in Cooler and Refrigerator?

A flower or floral walk-in cooler is a refrigerator specially designed and made for the storage of flowers. It can be set to an ideal humidity and temperature to preserve the flower’s freshness and quality and extend its lifespan for long periods.



 Types of Floral Cooling Systems


1.  Walk-in Floral Coolers

Commonly known as walk-ins or walk-in coolers. The sizes are comparably larger than common refrigerators and have a door that is large enough to enable a person to enter. These walk-in coolers are ideal for the storage of a lot of items and may also serve as display coolers for large flower shops.


2.  Display Floral Coolers

are smaller than walk-in floral coolers and are more commonly used as display cases for flowers. These refrigerators increase the visual appeal of the flowers through their clear glass panels and well-placed lighting.

Display floral coolers


3.  Customizable Floral Coolers

This type of floral cooler has the same characteristics as walk-in floral coolers but with additional features customized to fit the business owner’s preferences. It acts as storage like the typical walk-in cooler and at the same time can showcase the products the same way display coolers do.



Uses of Floral Cooling System:


  • Preserving Harvested Flowers

Cool temperatures aid in the preservation of the freshness and quality of harvested flowers. It prolongs the flowers’ lifespan by providing the ideal humidity level that imitates the flowers’ natural environment. By storing the flowers in cool temperatures, the vibrancy and aesthetic appeal extend for weeks rather than a few days.


  • Preserving Potted Plants

Tropical plants usually thrive in cool temperatures with high humidity levels. In summer or hot climates, these plants easily wilt or dry out but through the use of floral coolers, an ideal environment is provided to reduce the possibility of wilting while increasing its growth.

Preserving Potted Plants


  • Seed Storage

Seeds, like flowers, need cooler temperatures for them to germinate. Warm-to-hot temperatures pose a problem to the seeds’ ability to grow. Floral cooling systems can help you retain the seeds’ quality by providing a location for storage which is a benefit for seed collectors.


  • For Floral School or Workshop

In educational settings where floral design and arrangements are necessary, floral cooling units provide additional benefits for those who want to learn the intricacies of the craft by acting as storage for all kinds of flowers while keeping their freshness and quality intact.



Benefits of Floral Cooling Systems and Refrigerators for Florists

Florists should consider using floral cooling refrigerators and systems to preserve the freshness and quality of harvested flowers. These cooling systems help prevent the growth of bacteria and fungi by providing an ideal environment with controlled humidity and temperature levels to provide customers with fresh, quality, and longer-lasting products. The benefits may include the following:


  • Extends the flower’ lifespan

The most important advantage that floral cooling systems can provide is they enable harvested flowers to last from a few days to weeks which means less waste.


  • Can Offer Wider Flower Selections

Since floral cooling systems prolong the lifespan of harvested flowers, florists can offer a wide range of products, including those that are out of season.

Wider Flower Selections


  • Preserving Flower Freshness and Quality

Flowers, once taken out of their natural environment, lose their freshness and quality quickly. Through the use of floral cooling systems or refrigerators, the beauty, quality, and vibrancy of the flowers are preserved longer by providing ideal humidity and temperature levels.


  • Increased Customer Satisfaction

If customers are satisfied, they are likely to repeat orders and recommend your flower shop to others, resulting in higher income.


  • Improved Operational Efficiency

Floral coolers are essential for florists as they help in managing their inventory more efficiently, which in turn reduces shrinkage and waste.



Factors to Consider When Choosing a Floral Cooling System and Refrigerators:

When choosing a floral cooler or refrigerator, giving careful consideration to several key factors such as the following is essential.


1.     Size and Storage Capacity:


  • Inventory Volume

Assess the necessary components such as the space to be used for storage and display by evaluating the amount of flowers you sell and stock. Walk-in coolers are essential for large gatherings such as weddings and other gatherings.


  • Walk-In VS Display

 Walk-in coolers are larger than display coolers because they are used for storage while display coolers are for showcasing the products’ aesthetic appeal.

 Walk-in coolers


  • Future Growth

Do not choose a cooler whose size matches your inventory rather choose a cooler with extra space. Keep in mind that the demand for your products may rise in the future.


2.     Features and Functionality


  • Humidity and Temperature Control Systems

Most floral coolers are pre-installed with humidity and temperature controls but some offer more advanced systems that cater to different types of flowers. The settings provide more control and variety to specifically meet the demands.


  • Air Filtration Systems

Air filters help maintain the cleanliness of the air circulating inside preventing the growth of mold and other harmful bacteria.


3.     Budget and Cost


  • Price Range

The larger the size, the higher the cost. Additional features and brands also add to the total cost of the unit which ranges between a few thousand to tens of thousands.

Price Range


  • Operating Cost

Since floral coolers use electricity, always assess the efficiency rating against the energy consumption. Determining it will aid you in selecting the best type while saving money in energy costs.


  •     Maintenance Needs

Routine and periodic maintenance is essential to maintain the efficiency of the coolers, so take into account the expenses that will cover the maintenance costs.


4.     Brand Reputation


  • Warranty Coverage

Always opt for a cooling system that offers a good warranty as this provided protection for your investment.



  • After Sales Support

Warranty is one thing but another important thing to consider before purchasing is if the manufacturer offers customer service and after-sales support.



5.     Availability and Size of Space


  • Available Floor Space

Check your available space and take into consideration how large a cooler will be so that you will have a clear idea to make the most of your investment.


  • Ventilation Requirements

Like all refrigerators, a well-ventilated space is needed to ensure the maximum efficiency of your cooling unit.



Additional Tips:


1.     Consult a Professional

help from professionals such as refrigeration specialists or flower equipment suppliers to obtain necessary advice.


2.     Consider Reviews

Research and read reviews from other consumers to find the best option that will help you grow your business.

Research and read reviews


3.     Compare Options

Always make sure to obtain quotations from different suppliers to compare and contrast the advantages and disadvantages before making your decision.




Having the right equipment in any business can provide numerous advantages. Floral cooling systems may seem unnecessary at first but as your floral business grows, the demand for your products increases. Having your floral cooling system will ensure that you will stay on top of the business by helping you keep your harvested flowers fresh, vibrant, and last longer while also preserving the quality of the products.

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