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  • Wall/Roof Panel for Freezer Room 100 mm
  • Thermal Insulation PU Freezer Room Panel
  • Room Freezer PU Insulted Sandwich Panels
  • PU/PIR Sandwich Freezer Room Panel
  • Wall/Roof Panel for Freezer Room 100 mm
  • Thermal Insulation PU Freezer Room Panel
  • Room Freezer PU Insulted Sandwich Panels
  • PU/PIR Sandwich Freezer Room Panel

Freezer Room Panels

  • Built for freezer applications 
  • Handles different temperatures
  • Timely delivery for fast installation 
  • Different colors available 
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The panels are designed with freezer applications in mind. Most people would enjoy using the panels for their cold room freezers since they offer the best insulation. Good insulation results in proper maintenance of your products, even better from the temperatures that might damage them. 

These doors are built to work at different temperatures. It is all about ensuring you get the best performance and still deliver on quality panels with durability. This is something Sunnyda understands. We work with experts in the field, ensuring you can comfortably get quality freezer room panels. 

There are multiple colors of the freezer room panels available. These customization options make it easier for people to match their cold room appearance too. Besides customizing the panels, you can also change the size, thickness, and insulation material. The aim is to have panels that can work great for your application. 

The Sunnyda customer support will always give you all the information vital for finding the right freezer room panels. This is key in ensuring you can enjoy the best panels that work best for your needs. If you have more questions, please let us know.


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Advantages of Freezer Room Panels

Efficient Insulation
Efficient Insulation
The freezer room panels for sale are made with high-quality insulation materials, including polystyrene or polyurethane foam. With such excellent thermal insulation, it means that the freezer cool room panels are good for maintaining the internal freezer room temperatures better.
Temperature Control
Temperature Control
The Sunnyda industrial freezer panels are also good for offering precise temperature control. All you have to do is set the temperature using the controls and watch it being easily maintained. As such, the freezer cold room panels will help avoid temperature fluctuations. We also see it as a good option for storing perishable goods.
The insulated freezer wall panels from Sunnyda offer the best customization you will ever need. Our support team can offer customization based on the freezer room's layout, size, and design. The aim is to ensure the panels can suit your needs better always.
Cost Effective
Cost Effective
These walk-in freezer wall panels are an affordable option that you may get right now. The price can vary based on size and specifications. Of course, many people find the panels within the affordable range. The panels also help reduce operational costs.

EPS Freezer Room Sandwich Panel Production Line



EPS Freezer Room Sandwich Panel Production Line
High Insulated Freezer Room Sandwich Panel Metal Wall

High Insulated Freezer Room Sandwich Panel Metal Wall

Freezer Room Panels Raw Materials Mix

Freezer Room Panels Paint Coating
Polyurethane PU Sandwich for Freezer Room Panel

Polyurethane PU Sandwich for Freezer Room Panel

Industrial Freezer Room Panels
Industrial Freezer Room Panels

Ready to optimize your cold storage needs? Sunnyda can help you upgrade with high-performance freezer room panels right now. They will help provide insulation, precise temperature control, and customization options. 

  • It has been a fantastic experience with the freezer room panels from Sunnyda. It does not take long for the brand to deliver the panels, and the installation is also fast. We also like the overall quality of the panels. – Lindsey 

  • We like the modular nature of the panels. This means we can easily expand the storage capacity of the freezer room panels when the demand increases. We also enjoy the many customization options the brand offers. – Edith 

  • The Sunnyda freezer room panels are easy to use generally. We had an easy time installing them, and now maintaining them is easy. Not much work is needed to make the freezer room work correctly. – Melba

  • Once we installed the freezer room panels, we experienced better energy use. This is because we do not have to worry about temperature fluctuations and have difficulty maintaining the temperature we need. – Joseph 

What Is A Freezer Room Panel?

Freezer room panel is a cold storage insulated panel that offers a superior thermal performance for a wide range of climate-controlled environments such as refrigeration & freezing applications, modular cold rooms, walk-in freezer rooms, walk-in fridges, freezers & chiller units. A freezer room panel is an insulated sandwich panel consisting of a thermally resistant insulation rigid core sandwiched between two layers of metal sheets, the insulation core is usually made from PUR (Polyurethane), PIR (Polyisocyanurate), EPS (Expanded Polystyrene Foam) and XPS (Extruded Polystyrene Foam), while the two skin-layer comes in high strength material such as Galvanized steel sheets, Aluminium steel sheets and Stainless steel sheets.

Freezer room panel is also referred to as blast freezer panel, shock freezer panel or cold storage panel.

What Comprises A Freezer Room Panel?

Freezer room panels are made of three layers: a low-density insulating core and two layers of metal sheets bonded to each side, these components are available in different materials such as:  


External Layers

The shielding layers are often made from metal sheets like Pre-painted galvanized steel (PPGI), Aluminium sheet, Stainless steel sheet, or Glass Fibre Reinforced Plastic (GRP). 

Insulation Core

Freezer room panel is usually made from the following insulating core:


PU, PUR (Polyurethane)

PIR (Polyisocyanurate) 

EPS (Expanded polystyrene foam) 

XPS (Extruded polystyrene foam)

What Are The Applications Of Freezer Room Panels?

Freezer room panels are popular for walls, floors, ceilings and roofs, these highly versatile cold storage panels are particularly suitable for businesses that deal with perishable goods and temperature-sensitive products such as:

Industrial Freezing

Industrial Cold Storage

Cold Storage Warehouses 

Refrigeration Warehouse 

Food Processing Facilities

Meat Processing Plants

Seafood Processing Facilities

Frozen Vegetables & Fruits Plants

Frozen food Processing and Packaging Plants

Restaurants and Bakeries

Hotels & Catering Units

Hypermarkets and Convenience Stores

Pharmaceutical & Medical Products

Cold Chain Logistics Trailers

Refrigerator Truck or Chiller Lorry

What Are The Benefits Of Freezer Room Panels?

Freezer room panels are designed to offer high technical performance and maximum thermal insulation, these insulating panels are mainly designed to maintain the required temperature and ensure products are safely stored and protected from external factors that may affect the quality of temperature-sensitive products. Also, due to thermal resistance and airtight design, freezer room panels’ offer increased energy efficiency which saves energy and money, while also ensuring high freezing performance in different environmental conditions.

What Temperature Do the Freezer Room Panel maintain?

Freezer room panels are thermally resistant panels that help maintain a negative temperature that ranges from -40C° to -10C°, thanks to the excellent thermal conductivity and closed-cell insulation which ensure products are kept fresh at low temperatures and fast freezing speed.

What Is The R Value Of Freezer Room Panels?

Freezer room panels are designed to offer superior thermal performance for a wide range of freezing and refrigeration applications, the R-value describe the thermal efficiency of a freezer room panel and depends entirely on the insulating core type, properties, and thickness, the most commonly used insulation are as follow:


PUR typically provide an R-value of 5-7.1 per inch 

PIR R-value range normally from 7-8.0 per inch 

EPS cores offer an R-value of R-4 to R-5 per inch


However, materials with high R-values provide better insulation, while the freezer room panel R-value should be not less than 40, it is also important to select an insulating core with a thickness that ranges between 5 and 30 cm, whilst, airtight sealing is required to prevent air/water leakage and prevent harmful bacteria.

What Type Of Coating Can Be Applied To Freezer Room Panels?

A wide range of protective coating can be applied to the outer layer of a freezer room panel to protect the complete surface from environmental factors such as corrosion, UV radiation, and moisture, highly durable protective coating can be used including Polyester, PVDF and Plastisol, also, the freezer room panel interior and exterior surface can be finished with standard polyester with 15 μ or 25 μ thickness, double paint coating or food grade coating.

Are Freezer Room Panels Durable?

Freezer room panels are excellent for freezer room envelopes, given the high structural rigidity, excellent insulation properties, durable metal sheets, high strength-to-weight ratio and air tightness; these sandwich-structural composites can last for decades and require minimal maintenance. Moreover, the structural functionality of a freezer room panel is similar to the classic I-beam, where the two facing sheets are similar to the I-beam flanges which resist primarily the in-plane and lateral bending loads, while the core material acts as the web of an I-beam which withstand the shear loads.

Do Freezer Room Panels Comply With The Food And Beverage Industry Standards?

Freezer room panels are the perfect solution for the food and beverage industry, thanks to the food-grade material which provides full protection against external factors such as bacteria, moisture and corrosion, while the insulating material is CFC & HCFC-free, while each unit is designed and manufactured to deliver bespoke specifications required for EU GMP “Good Manufacturing Practice”, USDA standards, and ISO standards for cold storage applications.

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