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  • Cold Mobile Storage for Fish and Meat
  • Cold Room Mobile Cool Storage
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Mobile Cold Room

  • Impressive portability 
  • Can be trailer mounted
  • Impressive build quality for durability
  • Responsive support team
  • Get fast turnarounds

Your Premier Mobile Cold Room Manufacturer in China

A mobile cold room is key in ensuring you can use it whenever necessary. Since it is mobile, the first thing people want with it is portability. The best part about using this product would be that you can have it mounted on the trailer and delivered to where you want. Such versatility is key in using it whenever and wherever you want. 

The build quality is on another level. There is no doubt you will like the impressive skills that are put into ensuring the cold room is high quality. All our workers are trained in making the best and most functional mobile cold rooms. Just come with your specifications, and we will make it happen. 

We understand different customers would have different needs for a mobile cold room. It would be nice to get one from us, knowing it will do a good job. We will customize the cold room to your specifications. Sunnyda promises the best turn around too. 

You will love how our team will respond to your queries. We understand that sometimes you might not have all the information about mobile cold rooms. That is why we ensure you get all the information from the start to end up with high-quality cold rooms.

Sunnyda Support Your Business

Advantages of Mobile Cold Room

Productivity and Efficiency
Productivity and Efficiency
Of course, using the mobile cold room for sale will generally enhance your productivity and efficiency. You can expect that businesses will easily store their products within the right conditions, even if they are off-site. Easy accessibility also means there will be improved workflow.
Temperature Control
Temperature Control
The mobile coolroom for sale from Sunnyda has superb temperature control. This is vital for ensuring that the mobile cold storage can handle your cold storage needs. Once the temperature is set, the cold rooms can keep it there without you having to worry that they would not work.
The Sunnyda mobile coolroom is also customizable and adaptable. This is an important aspect so that the mobile cold room can be adapted to fit your needs. The cold rooms can be fitted with adjustable shelving, racks, and partitions to ensure they work conveniently for you.
Regulatory Compliance
Regulatory Compliance
As much as the Sunnyda mobile cold room prices are within the affordable range, it does not mean we do not comply with regulations. Unlike other mobile cold room manufacturers, Sunnyda will always work with the client to meet the regulations. A good example is getting a cool room mobile for pharmaceuticals.

Mobile Cold Room Made of Polyurethane Material

Mobile Cold Room Made of Polyurethane Material
Mobile Cold Room Aluminum Checkered Floor

Mobile Cold Room Aluminum Checkered Floor

Mobile Cold Room PU Panel Material Used

Mobile Cold Room PU Panel Material Used
Raw Material Mobile Cold Room

Raw Material Mobile Cold Room

Customized Mobile Cold Room Trailer
Customized Mobile Cold Room Trailer

Do you currently need reliable and convenient refrigeration for your business? No need to look further when you have the Sunnyda Mobile Cold Room. This portable cold storage offers the perfect solution for various industries. 

  • I like my cold storage because of its flexibility. I usually have an easy time rearranging the cold room to suit my needs depending on the needs at the time. I have not had cooling issues, so it is a brand I can recommend you check out. – Jane 

  • If you are looking for the best flexibility and reliability, the Sunnyda cold stage has you covered. After using the mobile cold room for five years now without any problems, I can comfortably say it is the best in the market. – Sandra

  • I work as a food distributor. This is the kind of business you cannot afford to mess with freshness. Luckily, that has never been an issue since I always finish my food rounds with my mobile cold room. – Tony

  • Running a catering business can sometimes need a cold storage facility moving around with me. That is why I had no problem getting myself the Sunnyda mobile cold room. The portable refrigeration is what I needed to store my perishable ingredients and only take them out when needed. – Rebecca 

Mobile Cold Room FAQs

A mobile cold room plays a vital role when it comes to many businesses. That is why you have to try and get one if your business needs a cold room. The beauty of mobile cold rooms should be their portability. If you ever want it delivered somewhere, then it is a simple process to get it done. We look keenly into this below. 

How can Sunnyda cold rooms help your business?

If you are going to hire Sunnyda to make cold rooms, this is what you can expect. 

  • Good for expanding your business

For many firms, especially those that have grown faster than anticipated, overstocking is an issue. There is a risk of equipment malfunction and food spoilage when you have too many things in your warehouse.

It’s possible that Sunnyda can help you in this situation.

Our commercial cold storage units are available in a variety of sizes. Our 3 to 16-pallet blast freezers to our 300-pallet cold storage facilities are just some of the possibilities available to you.

We can help you, no matter how big or little your start-up is.

  • Your current cold storage is experiencing failure

It is a major problem in the food and beverage business because of unsafe and inefficient cold storage. Malfunctioning equipment can put the lives of your patients at risk.

Sunnyda may assist in the replacement of faulty refrigeration equipment or getting a mobile coolroom. A close eye is kept on the quality of our cold storage equipment at all times. Every day, we work hard to ensure that our customers have access to the most cutting-edge temperature-control solutions available.


  • Working with specialists

You can benefit from Sunnyda’s expertise in industry-specific equipment. Industry specializations include everything from food and drink to pharmaceuticals. No matter how specific your needs are, the Sunnyda staff is always happy to assist.

Sunnyda also offers custom mobile cold room for sale units because finding the perfect fit isn’t always possible. Together, we can design something genuinely special for your business.


  • Get working cold rooms on a budget 

As a result, we’ve found innovative ways to work around the limitations of the location and the budget. Sunnyda mobile coolroom for sale can be stored both indoors and outdoors without a permit. Even better, you can take most of our cold storage with you if you want to.

As a company grows, it may not be able to afford the cost of purchasing commercial refrigeration. Because of this, we have a flexible payment plan for our customers. 

We stand out from the competition because of our dedication to our clients and our extensive understanding of commercial mobile cold storage. Consequently, we offer our consulting services to firms around the world.

Why should you consider buying a mobile cold room container?


Renting a cold storage container is an excellent option for quickly increasing storage capacity without making a long-term commitment. If you plan to build your business over the long term, buying a mobile coolroom is typically a superior choice.

In the long run, if your company needs cold storage, investing in a unit now will save you money.

You obtain ownership of your inventory when you bring it in-house. Not needing to purchase additional storage saves you both time and money.

With a single location, you can operate a full-service business.

Understand the type of cold room you need to get

These are two things to keep in mind while deciding on a cold storage facility. Both the size of your structure and the volume of your goods are important considerations. There are several options for freezing your items, regardless of your company’s size.

Refrigerated containers such as these are commonly used:

  • Portable cold rooms
  • Mobile cold storage
  • Permanent cold rooms
  • Customized mega cold rooms

A variety of options are available, from pre-made designs to custom storage, to suit your needs.

No business is small to have a movable cold room 

Businesses like caterers and restaurants may benefit from the usage of kitchen-friendly and quickly accessible cold storage facilities. Because most Sunnyda Cold Storage units do not require approval from the local planning department, they can be installed outside to free up space inside or have them mobile and used on-demand.

Small and medium-sized businesses who wish to employ both indoor and outdoor space for their operations might consider this option.

A cool room mobile design is the best option for growing business

Food safety demands adherence to rigorous volume restrictions on all cold room containers. An overabundance of supplies may lead to system failure and the eventual spread of pathogenic microorganisms.

Make sure your firm is going to grow before deciding to invest in a large cold room container. In the event that your existing storage capacity is nearing its limit, investing in a larger refrigeration unit now will save you money in the long run.

What are the tips for extending the life of a mobile cold storage?

A long-term plan is to invest in commercial refrigeration. An annual maintenance plan will help you get the most use out of your purchase.

Why not try to extend the life of the product by modifying it?

  • Make a habit of regularly inspecting your cold storage for systems such as seals and repair them.
  • If you don’t keep your container clean on a regular basis, you could end up damaging the device’s mechanics.
  • If at all possible, keep your device out of direct sunlight. It’s best to put your unit in the coolest portion of the kitchen, even if it’s only temporary.
  • If you fill the device to the brim, you risk overheating and malfunctioning.

If you keep your cold rooms in good condition, they can save you money and help your crops thrive. If you follow these easy guidelines, buying a cold storage unit could be one of the best decisions you’ve ever made.

How can you organize your walk-in mobile cold room?

As a general guideline, keep your mobile cold storage clean and tidy. It’s possible that some people will, but it’s not guaranteed. The walk-in cold room, on the other hand, requires advance planning. In addition to maximizing efficiency, it’s important to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Product contamination can be disastrous for businesses, which might suffer tremendously as a result. Litigation, negative press, and irate customers can all result from a messy walk-in fridge.

It’s been proven that a clean, well-maintained home makes you happier and more optimistic about life. Walk-in cooler for the office. There are a plethora of options to consider. Our walk-in cooler storage suggestions can be found here.

  • At the very least, the bottom shelf should be six inches high.

When food is stored in this manner, cleanup is simpler, and spills are less probable.

  • Top of the pile: cooked food; bottom of the pile: raw meat.

Placing pre-made meals on top and meat at the bottom helps limit the spread of dangerous drippings. A walk-in cold room back section can be used to keep meat, while its front section can be used to store cooked foods and produce (the warmer part of the walk-in fridge).

  • Stay vigilant

There should be enough space between the shelves for the food. All shelves except the bottom one, which should be at least six inches from the floor, must not touch the ceiling. Walk-in cool rooms are extremely easy to maintain and clean.

  • Fan contact with food should be avoided at all costs!

Vegetables and ready-to-eat meals can be harmed by the use of a ceiling fan. Food waste can be reduced by keeping them out of the path of any available airflow.

  • First stocked, first sold 

This is the most critical rule for walk-in refrigerators. Staff should shift the older things to the front of the store so that the most recent and freshest items are retained in the rear. This ensures that the food is consumed in a timely manner and minimizes waste.

  • Labels and dates are important 

Everything in your cold room should be clearly labeled with the date it was produced and the date it is set to expire so that you know when to throw it away. As a result, food waste is reduced and stocking is streamlined by using the freshest items first.

  • Clean the cold room more often

Although it isn’t considered an “organization,” this must be included. Regular cleaning can eliminate a wide range of contamination threats. In order to avoid contamination and sliding issues that could destroy an entire rack, clean up spills as soon as they occur.

What is the design process for a movable cold room?


If cold storage isn’t designed appropriately, future issues may develop.

You could lose a lot of product due to a poorly designed cold storage system, but you could also see a rise in your energy bills. In order to avoid future losses, it is critical that the design be done correctly the first time.

There are numerous designs, applications, mobile cold room prices, and building methods to choose from when it comes to cold storage. We discuss all of that here.


Poor insulation can lead to moldy or deteriorating walls. Moisture migration into the wood cladding and structure can be prevented, as can water leakage from the roof, with the right insulating layer.


Without adequate ventilation, mold flourishes. Ventilation systems help keep the cold storage space at the proper temperature and prevent a vacuum effect in addition to managing humidity.

Floor area

Maximizing cold storage floor space will save electricity. Racking is commonly used for large-scale cold storage. By employing cold products to keep other commodities cool, energy costs are decreased.

What certificates of quality does Sunnyda have for its cold rooms?


  • Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)

We place a high value on the safety of our customers and business partners. GMP and GDP-certified refrigeration products are in compliance with European regulations.

  • Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP)

Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point International food safety standards must be met by commercial refrigeration and cold storage systems.

Whether you’re a caterer, manufacturer, distributor, or retailer, this rule applies to you all. As a result of this certification, you can rest assured that our cold storage products have been designed to minimize or eliminate any risks. All necessary regulations are met by HACCP-compliant items.

  • FGAS

The purpose of FGAS registration is to ensure that items and equipment do not emit potentially dangerous gas emissions. FGAS manufacturers are in compliance with EU rules.

In accordance with EU standards, all of our cold storage units have been FGAS registered. These units will help the EU in its efforts to cut emissions and protect the environment.

  • ISO 9001:2005 ( Quality Management System)

Both customers and government agencies can rest easy knowing that Sunnyda’s quality control system meets ISO 9001 standards.

This accreditation ensures that we meet all of the regulatory requirements as well as the high-quality standards required by our clients’ industries.


An effort was made to raise the standards of health and safety in the United Kingdom.

Our CHAS certification ensures that our refrigeration units are safe to use. As a result, our clients may rest easy knowing that we’re in compliance with all applicable laws.

With our CHAS certification, we demonstrate our commitment to safety and your company’s reputation.

Are there benefits to using movable cold rooms?


  • Cost-effective option

Despite the fact that many companies invest in walk-in cold rooms, the installation expenses are prohibitive. It costs more to keep a cooling system up and running because of the increased power needed to run fans. If a cold room is being added to an existing facility, workers must be given entry.

These expenses can be avoided if you have a portable cold chamber. You may create a walk-in cold room using a rental truck. 

  • The best portability 

With a movable cold room, you can quickly relocate your business. To take advantage of an in-store cold room, you must first remove your merchandise or lower your inventory (not ideal for your business).

The cost of a walk-in cold room, as we’ve already discussed, can be prohibitively high.

  • Can be moved to free up more onsite space

Many businesses find it necessary to optimize their internal and on-site capacity in order to keep up with demand from customers. When it comes to foodservice establishments like restaurants and caterers, they will need to stock more than they normally would on any given day of the year.

A movable cool room allows you to store more food because it may be used as and when you need it. You may quickly and easily stock your internal areas with the things you need to maximize efficiency.

  • Sizes

Mobile cool rooms also have the advantage of being available in a wide range of sizes. 

For docking bays and other confined spaces, we provide single passenger-side doors and double rear doors as an extra convenience.

  • Improved temperature control

Mobile cold rooms have the added benefit of being able to cool. A  mobile cold room can easily shift temperatures from -18°C to room temperature. By storing and monitoring your food at the proper temperature, you can keep it from going bad.

Why is the Cold Storage Freezing? How do you best prevent it?


Cold storage is a necessity for businesses that store food. Food can be stored and chilled in cold rooms to keep it fresh and cool. Temperature control and greater access are just some of the benefits of cold storage.

In contrast, cold storage increases the possibility of ice formation. Understanding how freezing affects cooling and storage in a cold storage facility is critical.

Causes of ice freezing in a cold storage unit

A wide range of factors can contribute to the freezing of cold storage.

  • Air that is too hot and wet is a common culprit. A tight seal protects the cold storage components from heated air. If some components in the cold chamber lose their ability to seal, ice may form. Door and hinge malfunctions as well as gasket concerns are some of the options for ice freezing.
  • If the door is left open for an extended period of time, or while the container is being refilled, ice can form.
  • Leaky pressure relief ports are one of the most common causes of cold storage icing up.
  • Insufficient insulation, blocked drains, and defective fan delay relays are all possible causes of the problem.

How to prevent ice freezing in your mobile cold room

With a few simple actions, freezing difficulties can be prevented.

  • Regular inspections and evaluations may assist prevent icing in cold rooms. Door hardware and drains can be identified as in need of repair by doing a comprehensive inspection. You’ll need to check these components to find out what’s going on in the chilly room. After that, you’ll be able to fix or replace the components that are causing your cold room to freeze.
  • Vinyl strips or air curtains can be used to create a barrier. The warm, wet air will be protected from the cold by these draperies.
  • Regular defrosting will help you avoid frozen pipes, expensive repairs, and sky-high utility costs.

How is an Individual Quick Freezer (IQF) different from a cold storage or blast freezer?


How Is Cold Storage Freezing Conducted?

The most typical way of freezing is in a cold chamber. With its ability to freeze vast amounts of food. This method can be used to package whole poultry or other meat.

A freezer will be used to keep the food in good condition. In addition, there is often a long wait time.

What is the IQF all about?

The fundamental definition of IQF is that items are frozen one at a time, not in bulk. This is known as “flash freezing.” Foods such as berries, vegetables, pasta, and cheese are popular recipients of this technique.

Rapid freezing speeds of IQF allow for faster freezing of food. A better-tasting frozen food is one with fewer ice crystals.

IQF’s advantages


  • Time and resources are saved.

It takes a long time to freeze something. IQF, which moves food thermodynamically, makes use of fluidized bed freezers. Because of this, food freezes more quickly.

  • Food maintains color for longer

When you defrost meat from a cold shop freezer, it turns grey.

It appears that frozen things from the frosty store are more vibrant. Defrosting, on the other hand, renders them gray.

To keep discoloration to a minimal, IQF protects and delays the loss of the product’s inherent quality. The original flavor of IQF food is enhanced when thawed from the freezer.

  • Increased Nutrient Absorption

Ice crystals form and affect the molecular structure of food stored in cold storage. Health-wise, most of the time, it’s a negative idea

However, IQF preserves the molecular structure of the food, allowing nutrients to be preserved.

  • An improved level of cuisine

When food is frozen in cold storage, dehydration is one of the most common downsides. With IQF, a person’s hydration loss can be minimized.

This happens when ice crystals form during the process of defrosting frozen products. Food loses moisture during the defrosting process, which is removed by this method.

Meals may lose their flavor and texture if they are overcooked.

  • It’s not at all warped.

There is a risk of confusion when meals are frozen together. In some cases, trying to separate them can cause harm or distortion. In terms of output, this could have a detrimental effect.

It gets progressively difficult to keep the frozen items intact until the first thaw as the IQF process advances.

  • Reduced working hours are achieved.

Boxes and trays will take a lot of time and work to move, clean, and store. Mechanical separation is also required for frozen food blocks.

  • Unfreezing is fast

IQF technology makes it possible to swiftly defrost frozen food. It can take as long as 20 hours to defrost shrimp blocks in a cold environment (compared to minutes with the use of IQF-frozen shrimp).

  • Better food safety

IQF meals are rarely handled by staff because of their low handling requirements. There are many persons that handle food in a cold storage facility before it reaches the consumer. As such, you can see how food safety is enhanced with this method.

How can mobile cold rooms reduce food storage costs?


Less is more when it comes to getting a cool room to store food. Here is how the cold room is important. 

  • Use the right tools for the job.

A low-cost option for cold storage exists. High-quality building materials extend the life of equipment, enhance the quality of inventory, and reduce cooling costs.

Upgrades to the structure, such as LED lighting, insulated doors and seals, and others, should all be taken into consideration.

  • Setting up a proper heat exchanger is essential.

A cold storage’s heat exchange system includes a compressor, condenser, air cooler, and liquid storage tank. The compressor and condenser have a considerable impact on the ability of the cold storage to maintain a constant temperature.

  • The evaporator’s ice needs to be removed as quickly as possible.

The evaporator eventually forms a coil on top of the ice layer. Frozen condensation on the evaporator coil increases the system’s resistance to heat flow. Reduced heat transmission has an effect on cooling speed, leaf weight, and energy consumption. In the event that there is evaporator frost, the frost should be removed quickly.

This happens when the evaporator freezes up.

  • Change the refrigeration system’s operational parameters to boost efficiency.

Refrigeration system pressures and temperatures are the most important to consider. An essential part of running and adjusting to changes. The operational parameters are regularly evaluated and modified to maintain the safety of the machinery, equipment, and stored items, as well as to increase equipment efficiency and save money. There’s water, electricity, oil, and so forth.

  • Protect the refrigerant system from contaminants.

Even though the cold storage refrigeration system is a closed system, the working conditions and the addition of refrigerant are not clean. There should be no lubricating oil, air, water, or other pollutants in the refrigeration system.

How is a mobile cold room used for vegetable storage?

Pre-test pre-cooling is the first and most important stage.

Determine the root causes of veggie loss:

Infected plants develop mold, rot, and stains as a result of microbial infection.

A wide range of physiological and biochemical processes can have an impact on the quality of vegetables while they are in storage.

Even if the vegetables are perfectly fresh and crisp, they can still cause fractures, abrasions, knife wounds, crushing fractures, and other minor injuries when pressed or impacted. Bacteria can cause spoiling and rot, as well as heavy losses, in fruits and vegetables.

To prevent disease, we can remove diseased and low-quality leaves from plants. Cut down on food waste.


Statistics reveal that pre-cooling veggies (0°C) minimizes disease generation and lessens the impact of respiration on vegetables, compared to pre-cooling vegetables (20°C). As long as the storage time of vegetables is at least 40 percent to 50 percent longer, the quality is not higher than the cold treatment of vegetables.

Vegetable preservation in cold rooms

Vegetables and mushrooms can be preserved in a cooler, colder environment. To avoid spoilage, vegetables must be kept in a cool place. Extending the shelf life of vegetables, boosting their sales, and protecting them from devaluation are all made possible thanks to cold storage facilities.

What daily maintenance should you do for mobile cold rooms?


What are your chances of enduring a harsh winter? Any worries concerning the future of your cold storage facility are a concern of Sunnyda too. If you want to keep your cold room working at its best, what can you do? You’ll need access to a cold room to perform this.

Sunnyda has been using technology in its cold room for the past 20 years. Even so, we must maintain the chilly chamber.

The best person for this job is someone who has previously dealt with refrigerators and freezers.

It is expected of operators that they strictly adhere to the usage guidelines.

  • Cold storage units should be maintained out of direct sunlight and away from any other heat sources in well-ventilated indoor cold rooms. Ventilate and clean your cold room regularly.
  • After the cool room is installed, the daily intake should match the design capacity.
  • Nothing needs to be changed in the thermostat, defrost timer, or pressure relay.
  • After you’ve finished storing the items in the cold room shut the door. Leaving a cooling room with the door open is not a smart idea.
  • Make sure to keep an eye on suction, exhaust temperature, and fan operation throughout normal refrigeration unit operations. As a final precaution, check the oil pressure, temperature, and level. The condenser fins should be cleaned frequently to prevent water from dripping onto the electrical components.
  • Only a qualified engineer should disassemble the machine.
  • Do not smash the contents of the cold room with iron or other hard things in order to avoid destroying the cold room.
  • Draining the circulating water system during the winter months is important to ensure the system is safe and efficient.

What are the common problems of mobile cold storage and how are they solved?


There has been no power to the cold room.


  • Failed to work.
  • Remove the power cord from the wall.
  • The mains electricity has been cut off.
  • There is a problem with the circuit breaker, and it must be changed.


Be on the lookout for the switch. First, turn it off and then turn it on again. Ensure that the power cord is properly plugged in or that the line voltage is correct before trying to use the device.

Rotten Products


  • Especially for products on the top shelf, high temperatures are a problem.
  • Goods were deteriorated prior to storage.


Check for indicators of damage or maturity before putting something away. Because the temperature in the store is rising, the products on the store’s highest shelves will be exposed to higher temperatures. Being able to stack effectively is recommended. In addition, it’s possible that greater temperatures will shorten the shelf life of products.

They had been frozen for too long.


  • When the evaporator coils are frozen, the product is immediately cooled by the cold air.
  • Products were stored too close to the freezer coils
  • The contents of the room are scattered all over the place.


Restriction devices can be installed under the coils to keep cold air out of the unit. Make sure your belongings are positioned so that cold air may circulate freely through the room. The items should be kept in the room’s lower half.

Products tend to have water build-up


  • The kitchen is filled with the delicious scent of cooking.
  • A mixture of cold and hot items is created.
  • Desiccated water has been used to moisten the product.


A leak in the defrost drain tubes might cause water to splatter on your belongings and ruin them. Consider separating hot and cold items. Equipment humidification is also advised.

The temperature has risen significantly since earlier in the day.


  • Insufficient refrigerant capacity prevents the storage of everything that is required.
  • The weather is hot.
  • There isn’t enough air moving through the room.


To develop a larger refrigeration system, use thicker wall and roof materials.


The mobile cold rooms are a specialty of Sunnyda. This means you can get the best cold rooms for various applications that you might have in mind. The support team here is ready to offer guidance whenever you need it. Come talk to us for more help. 


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