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  • Easily customizable interiors that would help organize your storage
  • Impressive lighting vital for ensuring you can use the trailer
  • Features various locking mechanisms to help reduce chances of theft
  • Commercial Mobile Trailer Freezer
  • Cool Freezer Inside Mobile Cooler Trailer
  • Custom Mobile Cooler Trailer
  • Industrial Mobile Cooler Food Trailer
  • Commercial Mobile Trailer Freezer
  • Cool Freezer Inside Mobile Cooler Trailer
  • Custom Mobile Cooler Trailer
  • Industrial Mobile Cooler Food Trailer

Mobile Cooler Trailer

  • Impressive portability 
  • Lightweight for ease of movement
  • Ready to use on delivery
  • Do not need servicing all the time
  • Impressive build quality

Your Premier Mobile Cooler Trailer Manufacturer in China

Having a mobile cooler trailer can be good for your business. This means you can transport your perishable goods with ease. You will also have an easy time keeping everything fresh. Since such a trailer has the best portability, you should get it to where you want it to be used even better.

Lightweight is part of the design for this mobile cooler trailer. You may find that it is possible to tow the trailer with more ease than when using other types of trailers. Being lightweight does not mean it lacks the important features of a cooler trailer. It is still packed to make it usable.

Does the mobile cooler trailer from Cold Room China need assembling? This is vital for those who want to use it upon receiving it. The good news is that you will easily start using the mobile cool trailer without assembling a lot of things, thus saving you time.

The build quality is also on another level, vital for making the product one of the best. It will not need replacing parts more often. The last thing one needs is to keep taking the trailer for repairs. We take pride in the quality of the products we make.

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Advantages of Mobile Cooler Trailer

Of course, the reason people consider getting the mobile cooler trailer is because it has the best insulation. This ensures that inside the trailer remains within the set temperature. Also, it prevents heat transfer from the outside into the trailer.
Another reason for choosing this trailer is because it offers the best mobility. The cool room is mounted on a trailer chassis, meaning portability will be quite easy. You should expect to like the towing mechanism also, which makes transportation from one place to another easy.
Customizable Interior
Customizable Interior
People may want to customize their trailers to work best for their businesses. We are not just talking about customizing the exterior but also the interior. You can easily incorporate racks, shelves, and partitions into the customization process.
Security Features
Security Features
The mobile cooler trailer also needs the best security features to ensure there is safety for the products stored in it. As such, the trailer will come with various options for locking mechanisms. You can be sure our locking systems will keep burglars and thieves out.

Spal Fans with Strong Air Volume Mobile Cooler Trailer

Spal Fans with Strong Air Volume Mobile Cooler Trailer
Mobile Cooler Trailer Features

Mobile Cooler Trailer Features

Mobile Cooler Trailer Strong Reliable Wheels

Mobile Cooler Trailer Strong Reliable Wheels
Cool Refrigeration System Mobile Cooler Trailer

Cool Refrigeration System Mobile Cooler Trailer

Mobile Cooler Trailer Manufacturer
Mobile Cooler Trailer Meat Product Storage

Discover the convenience and flexibility that comes with our mobile cooler trailers. You may use them to preserve perishable goods, cater for outdoor events, and so much more. Precise temperature control is vital for the overall usability of the mobile cooler trailer.

  • With many positive reviews about the Sunnyda mobile cooler trailer, I decided to get one. So far, there are no complaints. I have no regrets since the trailer is serving me quite well, just as I wanted. – Roger 

  • I enjoy using Sunnyda’s cooler trailer because of the build quality. The manufacturer did not use cheap materials. The best part is that the materials still look great after years of use. I enjoy generally utilizing the cooler trailer quite often. – Sonya

  • My flower business has remained a top spot for people who want to get quality and fresh flowers. I manage to do so thanks to having the mobile cooler trailer. I like how it is possible to always maintain the temperature in the trailer at the desired range. – William

  • I like how the mobile cooler trailer has revolutionized by the catering business. I can always take my fresh produce with me to different events without worrying they might get spoilt easily. So I can always plan my events better and gather everything I need in one cooler trailer. – Sue 

What Is A Mobile Cooler Trailer?

A mobile cooler trailer is a portable cold storage that stores perishable goods at a consistent temperature, It is equipped with a thermally insulated structure, and refrigeration units that regulate the temperature and humidity inside the trailer, maintain the quality and safety of a wide range of temperature-sensitive products such as food, vegetables, fruits, meat, dairy products, beverages, medicines and pharmaceuticals. Also, these cost-effective and energy-efficient refrigerated trailers have become essential for the day-to-day supply chain operations as they help food manufacturers, distributors, and retailers to ship, transport and distribute perishable goods across vast distances. Mobile cooler trailer is also referred to as mobile walk-in cooler, mobile refrigeration trailer, portable fridge cooler, portable freezer trailer, freezer & cooler trailer, and cold room trailer.

What Are The Application Of Mobile Cooler Trailer?

Mobile cooler trailer is mainly designed to keep products fresh at a constant temperature, extend the shelf life, and save money. Common mobile cooler trailer applications include:

Food, Perishable meat, Seafood, Poultry, Fresh and frozen Fruits, Vegetables, Milk, Dairy products and Frozen desserts.

Mobile Restaurants and Mobile Food Businesses.

Farming, Agriculture & Ranch Storage Produce.

Outdoor Events, Fairs, Caterers, Hotels, Restaurants, Hospitals, and Wedding planners. 

Breweries & Distilleries, Wineries & Vineyards, alcoholic or non-alcoholic chilled beverages.

Pharmaceuticals, Medical products, Vaccines, & Biomedical.

Chemical Supply & Manufacturing.

Florists & Flower Distributors.

Why Use Mobile Cooler Trailers In Cold Chain Logistics?

Cold refrigerated trailers provide refrigeration, chilling and freezing to “perishable” or “temperature-sensitive” products when and where needed, this road safe mobile refrigerator is designed to deliver fresh goods to the desired location, this makes them excellent for cold chain logistics, and cold storage of products such as food & beverage, seafood, meat & dairy, thanks to the refrigeration unit and insulated structure which resist heavy road use and keep cold products at a stable temperature while it delivers cold products to various local and regional destinations.

Are Mobile Cooler Trailers Customizable?

Mobile cooler trailers can be fully customized to meet various industry refrigeration requirements in terms of thermal performance, temperature, reliability, safety, and resistance to different environmental factors such as moisture intrusion and humidity. However, to meet customer’s unique needs, mobile cooler trailers come in different shapes, sizes, features and custom options: 

Temperature: refrigerated +0° to +50°, freezer trailers -10° to +50°.

Type: dual cooler/freezer trailers, Mobile Walk-in Room, Portable Walk-in Trailer, Refrigerated Trucks or Reefer Trailers, Refrigerated Cargo Trailer, Thermo Trailer, etc. 


Material: insulated sandwich panels, galvanized frames, and deep heavy-duty aluminium duct floor.

Features: Custom Finishes, Retractable Step, Double Doors, Loading Ramp, Beverage Tappers, Gas/Diesel Generators, IoT devices for temperature tracking systems for cold transporting, and other OEM refrigerated model features.

What Comprises A Mobile Cooler Trailer?

A mobile cooler trailer comprises a cooling system, an evaporator, a condenser, and a compressor, this cooling system is powered by either an electric motor or a diesel engine, however, while the evaporator is used to draw heat out, the condenser exchanges and releases the heat into the outside air and the compressor squeezes the refrigeration gas compressor and circulates coolant between the evaporator and condenser to complete the cooling process.

What Is The R Value Of Mobile Cooler Trailer?

Mobile cooler trailer is designed to offer an R-value of 7.14 per inch, due to the insulation material performance, moisture resistance, air/water tightness, tightly-sealed doors, and lightweight, this thermally resistant refrigeration trailer can prevent the loss of thermal efficiency, and maintain a constant temperature over a long distance. The most commonly used insulated panels are the following:

Fiberglass Insulation

Polyurethane Insulated Panel 

Polyisocyanurate Rigid Foam Insulation

Fiberglass-reinforced panels (FRPs)

Extrude Polystyrene Sandwich Panel

Cold Storage Panel

Urethane Foam

How Are Mobile Cooler Trailer Powered?

A mobile cooler trailer is hooked up to a power supply of 13-amp or 16-amp power supply, however, in case electricity power is not available, a portable generator or a small generator of (min 5kva) can achieve the same output, and can be powered either by an electric motor or a diesel engine.

Are Mobile Cooler Trailer Energy-efficient?

A mobile cooler trailer is the most energy-efficient and economical cold storage solution, however, powering a mobile cooler trailer with electricity is more economical than a diesel generator which transforms the mechanical energy into electrical energy. Also, due to the highly efficient cooling system, thermally resistant insulation, waterproof material, and airtight design, mobile cooler trailers can save energy and money.

Where To Place A Mobile Cooler Trailer?

Mobile cooler trailers are completely mobile and can be placed practically anywhere on a surface like concrete floor, decking, a dry level land, or a field, however, to ensure a correct placement, it is recommended to choose an open and level area that ensure a stable placement, and where staff and attendees can easily access it. Also, to start the cooling process, the mobile cooler trailer should be plugged into a 110v, 20amp dedicated circuit, or a portable generator.

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