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  • Easily add or remove panels on the modular cold room as per your needs
  • Get enhanced insulation properties to suit your needs for a cold room
  • Work with more customization options for your modular cold room
  • Walk In the freezer Industrial Modular Cold Room
  • Storage Chiller Modular Cold Room Blast Freezer
  • Premium Quality Modular Cold Room Freezer
  • Modular Refrigeration Cold Room For Fish Storage
  • Walk In the freezer Industrial Modular Cold Room
  • Storage Chiller Modular Cold Room Blast Freezer
  • Premium Quality Modular Cold Room Freezer
  • Modular Refrigeration Cold Room For Fish Storage

Modular Cold Room

  • Easy to set up by workers
  • Can handle different products
  • Expanding the cold room is easy
  • Can be manufactured fast
  • Made using high-quality materials

Your Premier Modular Cold Room Manufacturer in China

Being a modular cold room means it will be one of the easiest to set up. So long as you follow the instructions given by the Sunnyda brand, your modular cold room should be ready to use at any time. The team can still help your people to set it up remotely, thanks to good after-sales support. 

Expanding the modular cold rooms is easy. That is why they are modular. You can always expand the cold room when you have more products to store. At this point, rely on Sunnyda to help you set up and expand the modular cold room whenever necessary. 

The modular cold room is also all about handling the products with ease. That is why you can enjoy using it more often. Anything that can be perishable could use the modular cold rooms too. We recommend picking the best modular cold room from us, and you will have all the customizations you need. 

The manufacturing time is fast. Anyone who wants to have the modular cold room delivered on time should have the Sunnyda brand handle all the production. Also, we make cold rooms using high-quality materials, meaning you always end up with the best cold room for various uses.

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Advantages of Modular Cold Room

Modular Design
Modular Design
The first advantage is in the name of the product. Being modular means the cold rooms are made using prefabricated panels that are easy to assemble and disassemble if needed. Of course, the modular design also offers flexibility in the size and shape of the cold room.
Temperature Control
Temperature Control
The modular freezer room is designed and built to offer precise temperature control. As such, you can easily set and maintain the specific temperature range you are looking for. The temperature range depends on what is stored in the modular cold storage.
Better Insulation
Better Insulation
Sunnyda, like other modular cold room suppliers, knows the importance of insulation. The panels used for insulating the modular cold stores offer high-quality insulation. We use materials such as polyurethane foam and expanded polystyrene (EPS). With better insulation, we can now minimize heat transfer.
Cost Effective
Cost Effective
You may quickly notice that the modular cold rooms price is not as high as you might have thought before. Sunnyda utilizes the latest production technology of modular cold rooms that ensures the costs can be maintained low and still get the best results in terms of performance too.

Modular Cold Room Warehouse Facilities

Modular Cold Room Warehouse Facilities
Modular Cold Room for Frozen Products

Modular Cold Room for Frozen Products

Polyurethane Modular Cold Room

Polyurethane Modular Cold Room
Temperature Controlled Modular Cold Room

Temperature Controlled Modular Cold Room

Modular Cold Storage Rooms
Modular Cold Storage Room

Experience the difference with our Modular cold rooms. They are versatile for different fields, including floral preservation, pharmaceuticals, the food industry, and more. We also offer customized designs to suit your needs better.

  • The Sunnyda modular cold rooms have been the best solution for my restaurant’s storage needs. I find the overall performance quite good as it matches with the price we paid for the cold room. We were also allowed to customize the cold room to our needs. – Kelly 

  • I enjoy using the modular cold rooms from Sunnyda for my pharmaceutical products. We all know how such products may be sensitive to temperature changes. Knowing that I can keep them in great condition made me invest in the cold room. – Raymond 

  • I have been operating a cold room for my flower shop, and it has exceeded my expectations over the years. Since the cold room is modular, expansion has never been an issue. I just ordered more panels from Sunnyda and am good to go. – Bobby

  • The overall quality of the cold rooms from Sunnyda has been good. I personally do not have many complaints since the panels have served my business quite well. I often recommend the same to my friends in different fields who might need a cold room set up for them. – Cordelia 

Modular Cold Room FAQs

What is a modular cold room?

A modular cold room is simply a structure that has been built to maintain the operating temperature within a certain range. The good thing about modular cold rooms is that they can be customized to work great for your needs. This means that you can easily adjust the size to fit your needs. 

Another reason people would choose modular cold rooms is that they are easy and quick to install. It should save you quite some time when you want a great working cold room within a short time. 

What are the benefits of using a modular cold room?

Modular cold rooms are loved because of the following benefits. 

  • Flexible to your needs

The cold rooms are mostly built to the user’s specifications. This is vital in ensuring you get a high-quality modular cold room that suits your needs. Since they are modular, you will find that they will be easy to fit in different rooms of varying sizes. 

  • Reliable cold room 

The modular cold rooms we make are solid and reliable. This is because we use professionals to design and set it up. Our team is trained in different technologies of cold room meaning it will be ideal to give you a high-quality cold room all the time. 

  • Secure and safe

We try to ensure that the modular cold rooms are safe for those looking to use it more often to work on different projects. There is an easy exit in case the users would want to use it. Since there is the best safety offered, you will like the design of the cold rooms we have in place right now. 

  • Can be temporary or permanent 

It is good to know that you have the option of getting a permanent or temporary option when seeking a cold room. The good thing about the cold rooms is that some can be dismantled in half an hour and have them to where they are needed most. 

Having them set up in a building would mean that they are permanent. However, you can have the option of expanding the cold room in case the need arises. 

  • Better efficiency and control 

All the Sunnyda cold rooms come with sophisticated temperature controls which allow you to easily and quickly change the operating temperature. These controls are also energy efficient. Because of such, you would not have a problem buying the modular cold rooms as they will work for you even better. 

What are the applications of modular cold rooms?


The modular cold rooms can be a nice pick for anyone who wants the best refrigerating chambers. The modular cold rooms manufacturers would recommend such products for applications such as;

  • You can use the modular freezer room in a warehouse, restaurant, or any other business that would need the best sanitary conditions. This is vital as having a reliable cooling system that keeps the conditions maintained according to product specifications. 
  • The cold rooms would also be used in places where product handling and storage are important. Let us say you want to keep the perishable products safe, then modular cold storage will be essential. 
  • Right now you will come across many types of cold room suppliers who make walk-in cold rooms. The idea is to help the user store multiple products in the same cold room. Such versatility would always attract a lot more customers. 

What are the components of a cold room you should know?


Understanding the cold room components would be essential in the design phase and also the final part of using the cold room. 

  • A compressor is essential for storing refrigerant gas
  • A condenser is key in cooling down the hot gas and then turn the gas into cold liquid
  • An expansion valve is also used to control the liquid-gas flow and still help with expanding the liquid gas into the vapor form
  • There are several evaporator coils in the cold room too. Their job is to boil and expand the liquid gas. Energy can also be absorbed when these coils are then cooled down. 
  • The cold room also would have refrigerator fans too. These fans are key for circulating the air over the coils in the cold room thus bringing down the temperature of the cold room. 
  • We cannot miss mentioning the cold room doors and panels. These are vital for ensuring it is proper 

What is the best temperature for operating a cold room?


With a cold room, there is no specific temperature you should keep it at. However, there are times you have to consider the right temperature because of the application. You are advised to always work with a cold room specialist. This is a specialist that would help you understand how best to use the cold room. 

There are three main types of cold room temperatures a person should consider. They include ambient cold room, walk-in cold room, and walk-in freezer temperatures. 

The ambient cold room will have its temperature ranging from 8 degrees C to 15 degrees C. This kind of temperature is enough for storing the fresh food for a while before you can take it out. 

There is also a walk-in cold room. For this type, it will keep its working temperature from 2 to 8 degrees C. 

The freezer room on the other hand is supposed to keep the content frozen. It is why the operating temperature would be as low as minus 40 degrees C. 

What are the best panels to use for insulating the modular cold storage room?

The insulated panels are quite important for ensuring that the cold room can work at the right temperature. That is why you always a person has to consider insulating the cold room correctly. So, what are the types of insulated panels you can use? Here are the options that Sunnyda uses. 

  • Structural Insulation Panel or SIP

You are likely to come across different types of SIP panels. You can have one that is only made of insulation material with the outer face being made with adhesive only. Others would have the outer facings made of different materials such as metal and the core filled with an insulating material. 

You will mostly be using a structural PU panel for the cold rooms ensuring the final cold room can stand up to the application. Such panels would also have the best thermal insulation, quick installation, minimal waste, and impressive structural rigidity. 

The most common core material used in the case would mostly be polyurethane. This material has a high R-value of around 4.5 per inch. This is vital when choosing a core material for the insulation panels. 

  • Expanded polystyrene insulated panels

This type of insulation panel is best for businesses that want maximum insulation set up in their cold rooms. The best part is how the panels are affordable. 

The overall R-value is 3 to 4 per inch. This means that the insulated panels will have an impressive thermal performance. 

There are many people who consider such panels are efficient and reliable for the cold rooms for several years to come. 

  • Neopor insulated panels 

Neopor is considered an improved version of the EPS panels. It might be created using the same material, but you will see it has graphite as an addition. Since the R-value, in this case, is 4.5 per inch, we find that it will perform better than the EPS panels. 

The Neopor insulated panels will be less permeable meaning they reduce the amount of water and air getting past the panel into the cold room. This is great for ensuring there is better insulation. 

As you can see, you can find several options in terms of PU panels to help in setting up the cold room. The modular cold rooms price might vary at times based on the type of panel used. Some panels are expensive while others are affordable. It may be necessary to understand what each panel offers before settling for one. 

Are there any differences between a cold room and a freezer room?


When looking at a modular cold storage room, it is possible to confuse it with a freezer room. Sunnyda is here to help you understand the difference between the two so that you know when to get the modular cold stores and when not to opt for a freezer room. 

Here is how the two might differ from each other;

  • Operating temperatures 

The operating temperature of a freezer will be a lot lower compared to what you get in cold rooms. The cold rooms are designed to operate from 0 degrees C to 5 degrees C. As for the freezers, the temperature can go as low as -40 degrees C. 

Depending on the modular cold rooms manufacturers, you may get some operating at different temperatures. You will always have the option of setting the right operating temperature for the cold room. 

  • Usability 

Because of the difference in the operating temperature, the chances are you will find that the products being stored in a cold room do not need defrosting being used. We are talking of options such as vegetables, medical suppliers, fresh fruits, and similar products. 

Talking to Sunnyda can help in you understand how best to use the cold room storage to store different products. 

The purpose of the freezer would be to preserve the products for a long time. Such preservation means that the freezer would have to operate are really low temperatures. Such low temperatures make it hard for the microbes to accumulate or multiply. 

The products in the freezer would always be frozen and thus need defrosting before use. 

  • Amount of storage space

The modular cold room and modular freezer are likely to have similar storage space. Having such a space configuration means it is up to the user to consider the actual size of the final cold room. 

Since they are modular products, it means that you can expand the cold room depending on your needs. With the inclusion of shelves, you may find yourself using the space in the cold room or freezer better. 

  • Safety 

This part depends on who is making the modular cold storage or modular freezer room. If you want secure cold storage, we are willing to add the latest technology to the product to ensure you always have the best outcome. You will have the products kept safe and only the authorized personnel can access the cold storage. 

What are the common types of cold rooms on the market?


In case you are interested in buying a cold room, it is vital to understand the different types of cold rooms in the market. Here are some of the top options you are likely to come across when seeking the top modular cold stores;

  • Remote cold rooms

The remote cold rooms are the popular choices of many people who want a new cold room. They are loved for being easily portable and also delivering the best versatility. Do not worry as it will still come with all the vital equipment you need to keep the cold room working efficiently. 

  • Standard cold rooms 

These are cold rooms built to be reliable and mostly be kept in one place. Depending on the needs of the client, you may find that such a modular cold storage room would be good to operate in various temperatures just good for versatility. 

Another design feature would be that such a cold room would release its cool air vertically to ensure all the products in it are cooled effectively. 

  • Penthouse cold rooms

In case you have a large-scale operation, then a penthouse cold room would be a great pick. The cold room would be large enough to hold a wide range of products. 

Such cold rooms are walk-ins. This allows you to push in a cart and neatly organize the cold room to your needs. Because of the generous storage, you will that your business thrives as nothing goes to waste. 

  • Walk-in chillers 

It is also possible to get walk-in chillers too from Sunnyda. Such chillers are key in ensuring you can still keep the products fresh. The good thing about the chiller is how you can customize them to your needs. This includes the space and also the size. 

  • Industrial cold rooms 

The industrial cold rooms as the name suggest will be good in terms of more space. These are good for industrial use where there is are requirements for improved refrigeration and performance. Not to worry as Sunnyda will do a good job in making the right industrial cold rooms. 

  • Prefab cold rooms 

The prefab cold rooms are already made at the Sunnyda factory. This means that the assembly and the installation is faster. It should take our cold room specialists only a few hours to have it up and running. This is better than having to build the cold room from scratch in your space from scratch. It is possible to save expenses too. 

What is the Process of Cleaning a Modular Cold Room?


The hygiene of your modular cold room is quite important. However, the biggest question would be, how do you clean the modular cold room? Here are ideas on how to do it.

  • Inspect slip joints 

The first step you should do is to inspect the slip joints to see if there are any potential problems and have them resolved before they can affect the performance of the modular cold room. 

The slip joints are notorious for leaking moisture into the cold room. What you should know is that this would affect the overall performance of the cold room. Always have them sealed. 

  • Get the cleaning chemicals 

The next step is to get all the vital chemicals for cleaning the cold room. Just make sure the chemicals do not have hard or even toxic chemicals. Such chemicals might destroy the surface and functionality of the cold room. 

Sunnyda has a list of recommended chemicals you can use for cleaning the cold room. Just make sure you follow the cleaning instructions to have the modular cold storage room working right. 

  • Rinse the surface

It is quite vital that you should always rinse the surface you have just cleaned. Use clean water to ensure all the chemicals are washed off. This is to prevent the possible accumulation of contaminants and dirt. 

Using soft bristle brushes are highly recommended when cleaning the surfaces. Excessive brushing is not recommended as you might easily damage the surface. 

  • Maintenance 

One thing about the maintenance of the cold room is that you will always get the best results if you also put in the work. Come up with a checklist of ensuring you do not miss anything to ensure that you get the best working cold room always. 

How do you select cold room storage?

Sunnyda understands different people might have different needs for cold rooms. Here is how you may consider selecting cold room storage. 

  • The design 

The design part is key in ensuring that the final cold room can serve your needs. We start the design part by talking to the client to understand the needs and ensure the final product is good. 

The customer can also be confident since we will keep in touch all the time. This includes talking about the stages of where the cold room has reached. At least you can have confidence knowing that our final product will get to you in good time. 

  • Refrigeration performance 

The refrigeration performance is vital in ensuring you have a good cold room. You will come across different refrigeration systems, them is to check if such would work for your needs. We specialized a lot in dealing with top quality systems. This ensures that our clients can end up with the best refrigeration and keep their products in the best conditions. 

  • Temperature regulation

The temperature regulation is key in ensuring you can store a wide range of products in the same cold room. So, what is the range of temperature regulation available? 

Look at what the manufacturer offers on the temperature setting. Take a cold room that allows you to customize the temperature for more versatility in the end. 

  • Location and access

Your location is quite important for ensuring that you have a good-performance cold room that can get to your location with so much ease. That is why most clients prefer having the product to be assembled in the final space to save time. Using the prefab cold rooms makes it even easier. 

  • Expandability 

Since it is a modular cold room, there is a need for proper expandability. It is possible that you may get more uses for the cold room. As a result, you should get a model that allows ease of expansion to suit your needs better. 

Sunnyda should help you with that. You may find yourself getting the best deals on modular cold rooms since there is better expandability if you need it. 

  • Manufacturer reputation 

The reputation of the manufacturer is key in determining if it is worth getting the cold room from the brand or not. 

For a brand such as Sunnyda, it has done a good job making cold rooms for the last 20 years. Such an impressive performance means it stands out for being a reputable brand. Also, customer support will talk to you to help you get the best modular cold room. 

  • Security 

The overall security of a modular cold room is quite vital. You should take the security of the various products stored in the cold room to be paramount. Sunnyda understands the importance of security. That is why you will most of the cold rooms from the company has many latest technology in terms of security. 

  • Price 

Anyone buying the modular cold room would want something within the affordable, but still usable range. We recommend that you take your time to go through the various options we have listed on the website to see which model of the cold room is within your budget. 

The good thing with modular cold rooms is that the price can be varied to suit your needs always. We recommend talking to us for more details on each of the cold rooms. 


Looking at the guide above, you should have an idea of what makes the best modular cold room. Many people right now have no problem buying from Sunnyda. You too could enjoy our services by getting in touch. We are ready to help you get the best deals on cold rooms than what some brands might offer. Send us an email or call to get all the help you need.

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