Pharmaceutical Cold Storage Control System

Industrial Pharmaceutical Cold Storage Units

Intelligent Temperature Control

The pharmaceutical cold storage control system employs fully automatic microcomputer electronic control technology with intelligent temperature control. The temperature inside the storage can be freely set within the range of +2°C to +8°C. The system operates automatically, maintaining a constant temperature, with automatic on/off cycles, eliminating the need for manual operation. It features a digital or LCD temperature display, ensuring the safe storage of drugs within the facility. This technology finds extensive applications in biopharmaceutical laboratories, medical equipment storage, pharmaceutical storage, vaccine reagents, and related areas.

Assurance of Uninterrupted Operation

  • The cold storage is equipped with GSP-certified refrigeration units, providing a backup to ensure continuous operation in case of malfunctions in the primary unit. This ensures the normal storage of drugs, vaccines, and related products and equipment is unaffected. The facility is also equipped with a generator and UPS as power backup.
  • The pharmaceutical Cold Storage unit utilizes rigid polyurethane insulation sandwich panels, employing high-pressure foaming technology for a one-time injection molding process. The double-sided color steel panels use advanced eccentric and groove hooks, and the eccentric connection method of the storage panels ensures a tight connection, minimizing cold air leakage and enhancing insulation efficiency. T-shaped panels, wall panels, and corner panels can be assembled in any space, offering a scientifically designed, simple, practical, energy-efficient, and environmentally friendly solution.

High-quality refrigeration Equipment in pharmaceutical Cold Storage

  • The refrigeration equipment uses the best components and units, selecting high-quality materials that undergo rigorous inspections before leaving the factory. Minimal faults, low noise, energy efficiency, and reliable operation characterize the equipment.

Advanced Refrigeration Control System

  • The refrigeration control system adopts fully automatic microcomputer electrical control technology, automatically monitoring, recording, and regulating the temperature and humidity of the storage area. It includes a high-precision temperature and humidity recorder with sensors and a fault alarm device, ensuring the proper storage of drugs, vaccines, and related equipment in the pharmaceutical Cold Storage.
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